Dynamic walk cycle in game engine problem, please help

hi, im working on a game and i made my guy walk around and i know i need a collision box around the player but when i want to make him walk on a ramp or uneven ground he floats because the ground only touches the edge of the box

is there a way (without making the collision box rigid body) to make the players feet touch the ground when walking on ramps? i was also wondering if you need a python script for this? :spin:

like the way your character moves in shadow of the collossus or in endorphin

Make the bottom of the bounding box be very small, like a point

but his feet still go into the ramp i want them to sit flat on the ramp

i want my character to move with physics like make the legs have gravity :slight_smile:

I haven’t actually tried this, but the first thing that comes to mind for me would be to adapt Social’s align to normal script to work on your character’s feet…You know, sorta like this except in Blender…
Not sure how you’d go about doing that, but hey, it’s a thought… :wink: