Theeth gave me permission to post this… I must first say that I do NOT work for the BlenderLeague or am afiliated with them in any way… other than being a slacker alpha tester who hasn’t even sent in a detailed report (I’m working on it, I swear, I’m finding the time… :wink:

Anyway… I recently posted a trailer for a 45 minute film I’m releasing in August (made with blender) http://skpjason.elysiun.com/OutpostTeaser.zip (13 megs, 3 minutes, window media video file)

The snow scene and explosion scene in the video were made using the pre-release version of DYNAMICA. It does exist… they are getting closer to finishing… It is going to blow our collective socks off… I’m very excited about the possibilities Dynamica is going to offer us…

Now we just have tro be patient for them to actually get it complete and release it… no idea when… but I’m counting the seconds…



Excellent news, thanks for sharing. Thanks also for letting us know about the snow and explosion scenes I was very impressed with them. Makes me want dynamica even more, but I have patience.