dynamica: realtime implementation ?

as some might notice I’m getting to be an active poster (with only questions, even) with regards to interactive geometry, I found the dynamica site and boy was I imporessed ! Some work that is!

But, reason for posting on this particular board, will these (someday) work in the realtime engine ? (esp. cloth)


what is Dynamica? which is its web site?

dynamica in gameblender! OHHHHHH god! lets do it!



lol, sorry to disapoint you doogs, dynamica is not for gameblender.

obvious reply:

why not ?

particals arent supported in gameblender yet :-?

yeah i know but IF they were… MMMMMMMMMM


Ok would somone on this thread mind telling me and the other person that asked what is dyanamia. Also where we can find a description of it.

Before you ask I searched on dynamic,+dynamic +3d,+dynamic +blender , on yahoo and could not find a pertinent link.

Hmm… how to explain… just visit:


And check out for yourselves what Dynamica is
[Oh… having cloth in games that would be way cool :smiley: ]

Next versions of Blender will be linked with the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) so there will be support for another collision shapes distinct from spheres, and theoretically is possible to make chains, wheeled vehicles, and more.

Yes, I can’t wait until I can make blender games with the ODE physics engine inside! [!]

wow! imagine having that cloth thing on blender!!! :smiley: