Dynamica stuff

(theeth) #1


Just before we were hit by that last storm, I recieved new demos (in DivX AVI) from Eeshlo.

Those are from the new Linear and Angular velocity (like the Ob setting in the Blender Particles)


and this one is a demo of the FragMesh function which links a mesh data to each particles. Like Dupliverts but better.



PS: Those are only “working” demos, so if you see any mistakes and such, be sure to tell us. Sorry for the geocities links

(harkyman) #2

Me like. Me like very much.

The linear/angular looks superb.

So who decides what the deal is with Dynamica release/licensing, etc.?

(theeth) #3

I’m not sure I understand your question?

I mean, we (the devellopers) we’re always deciding how the release (for Dynamica) was gonna happen, so I don’t quite get it.



(Pablosbrain) #4

How far away is the release of Dynamica?

(paradox) #5

very impressive. I can hardly wait for Dynamica to be finished. What versions is it going to work on and will it work on Publisher?
Keep up the good work.

(sten) #6

WOW !!!

that is so incredible !!! Wow…Blender will exceed…it will never die :wink:

When Dynamica become public, I am sure it will bring Blender to higher levels !!


(ilac) #7



Nice demos!
Any release date visible on the horizon yet?

(eeshlo) #8

I’ll have to move these, the site gets shut down 'cause of the data limit. So sorry if you can’t see them at the moment. They where only meant as a technical demonstration for theeth anyway, they are not really that spectacular. Maybe I’ll create a ‘Dynamica’ page for my stormpages site…

(@ce) #9

this part of blender never seems to die… dynamica is in da house!!

(theeth) #10

Paradox: I think scriptlinks are broken in 2.25, and they are essential to us. So that makes it 2.23 (or earlier) only.

Eeshlo: yes, I knew they were only working demos, but I thought they were worthy of showing. By the way, did you recieved the other e-mail I sent you about sharing a webspace?


(overextrude) #11

Say, is the collision detection still in the works?

(eeshlo) #12

The collision detection/response is one of the most complicated parts of Dynamica and extremely difficult to get right. So yes, it is still being worked on, although it is now all done in C++ with spatial subdivision to speed things up.

Btw, the files on my geocities site have all been deleted because of repeated exceeding of the datalimit, there is nothing there anymore, so it’s no use trying to click on the links…

(theeth) #13

Eeshlo: yeah, I’m real sorry for that. I mailed them to James so he can put them on james.weirdhat.com

I’ll provide the links when I get them.


(paradox) #14

Thanks Theeth for your answer re:publisher.
I still have 2.23 too so no problem just curious.


(SysAdm) #15

eeshlo… I emailed theeth awhile ago about giving you guys a mirror or even some FTP space to blast up some samples… but I thought he mentioned elysiun was gonna have some space for ya…

Anyways… what about collaborating with the other guy that recently showed us some other particle python stuff… I can’t remember his name, but he posted a few days before NAN went down… any luck getting together with him, or are you guys not wanting to combine your stuff?.. thought maybe you could use the help…

Also… I don’t know how many people make up Dynamica… but I’m sure there is alot of talent that you guys can utilize… from website design to PHP in this community… seems like you need to get an official Dynamica site up that isn’t hosted on those damn FREE webservers… (geocites, etc, etc)…

Anyways… hope you guys keep going with this… let me know if I can help out with a ‘mirror’ site… I can add a link from this page… http://centralsource.com/blender/effects.htm for ya…


P.S… don’t forget me with that fur .blend file you did… can’t wait to see how you did it…

(eeshlo) #16

To SysAdm: Don’t wory, the bunny is on it’s way, I’m working on updating my site right now, so later today…

As for working with others, I don’t mind at all, but I let theeth decide about that sort of thing, I only do some programming, nothing else. There is already someone who is supposed to contribute to Dynamica, Tad Thurston (aka ‘iii’) but afaik we didn’t hear much from him yet, he probably is very busy with his science job…

(rndrdbrian) #17

Anyways… what about collaborating with the other guy that recently showed us some other particle python stuff… I can’t remember his name, but he posted a few days before NAN went down…

I’m sure his name was Bart Robinson. He did release version 0.0.9 of his physical simulation script. I think the script is somewhere in here:


Oi, Bart Robinson, if you are reading, keep us up to date with your script!


(theeth) #18

I talked a bit over IRC with Bart Robinson. Nothing extensive really, but I was under the impression that he wanted to do his script alone. If that’s wrong, than I’ve got nothing against cooperation.

I also contacted RipSting about his Tangix project, to offer him help and support, so I’m probably going to help him get a GUI done when he needs one, or things like this.

Tad Thurston (iii on the blender.nl boards) was also a part of the Dynamica project, but, like he told me in his last e-mail, he’s very busy with REAL LIFE™.

SysAdm: I agree, we would gladly accept any help for the webspace/website area as this isn’t my piece of cake at all.

And we could also gladly accept new SERIOUS beta/alpha testers. We really need more input from end users.

For any offer of help (testers, webspace, webmaster), please mail me at [email protected]

PS: I’m under the impression that I’m forgetting a question… anyway…

(untitled) #19

what is, actualy, Dinamica?

(theeth) #20

It’s a script pack to make physics and particles simulations in Blender.