Dynamically fracture objects upon collision.

Hey all
With all the new rigid body bullet stuffs that’s getting into trunk lately, I was wondering what the best way is (or any way actually) to break objects based on collisions. So not simply having a solid object and then switching (animate visibilty, layer, transparency or location) to a prefractured object as something collides with it, but actually to detect a collision and fracture the object at that point, also allowing recursive collision based fracturing (more than one hit, keeps breaking up more)

[I wouldn’t classify this as a support post, but rather bait for a discussion and tests]

Have you seen the KiaKostak Demolition work? http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?207866

Is that still being worked on? I haven’t seen an update in forever. The last video posted was from April last year.

Looks pretty old. There’s quite a few of that kind of thing around, but all of it is either old, abandoned or useless for solid objects.

Just another thought, this would be really, really useful for things like glass that need to be shaded without cracks until the instant they are shattered. There are a few workarounds, but they are very tedious to say the least.