Dynamically loading textures?

I have a couple questions about dynamic loading in the GE. Is it possible to dynamically load/free textures in the GE? I am aware that you can load .blend files, but do packed textures also load with it? And can they be freed from memory?

Also, when loading an external scene, is it added as a separate scene or are all the objects moved into current scene?


  1. blender stores infos of the mesh in verts, and so does with material, so when you load a mesh (i remind that right now only mesh and scene are supported) it will also load the texture(packed or not in the blend), same when freeing

  2. all the elements are put in the current scene. (i also think that would be nice to give the possibility to chose in which scene load the elements)

You can change the texture present on an object using the VideoTexture / bge.texture module, as well in-game.