Dynamo Episode 6

Yeah! They’ve got a pretty easy 3d tracker built in. Not as robust as Blender’s but for fairly straightforward shots, it’ll do!

And oh yeah- I filmed the water for real. All of the digital water I rendered out was just a kinda rough glossy plane, which looked pretty bad (though not as bad as I thought it should look?), so I tried to make sure there were always some real lights/reflections near the horizon to help sell it.

Ah! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Most all of the editing/CG is me- though I had help with a logo replacement!

Also yeah, haha, so many people wearing aviators! I did a lens-type replacement at 1:13 to kind of help sell it, but it was a pain in the butt, so I thought maybe I could get away without doing the second one :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually- that shot didn’t work at all originally. I’d used some soft boxes to try to emulate outdoor lighting, but when I went to comp it it was really obvious that most all of the light was only coming from the sides, and not from above. I was about to try to do a reshoot when I tried placing her under the ship’s wing to justify the weird lighting, and it totally fixed it.

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Jumping back in here to post the behind-the-scenes video- it’s not all blender stuff, but hopefully still interesting bits?

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This is cool and funny. Nice job on the visuals too.

Looks good !!!