Dynapic topology during sculpting

This idea might be simulated by the user.

The idea is, that a shirink wrapped lower topology model is wrapped around the dynotop sculpting mesh. As it’s extruded and molded and sculpted, the low topology model is extended to always cage the sculpting.

This type of workflow could be simulated by the artist, in that they build the shrink wrapped low model while sculpting.

Think it’s possible to get retopolgy done like this?

If the shrinkwrapped mesh is static (ie. does not change its topology and its number of faces), then it’s not going to work as you the sculpted geometry will eventually get too large or complex for the quad mesh to cover without terrible results.

A more likely feature, Dyntopo having an option for quad generation as part of the sculpt process itself and the ability to not just destroy vertex color, vertex weight, and UV data when it is enabled.

something like this is what I am trying to say. For the manual version, one would make use of the subdivide modifier. But even with this, I can see the problem you said. Skin modifier like algo? It would require programming into blender.