Dynatopo not there in blender 2.80 alpha 2

(MI65) #1

Hi there,

I can´t find the Dynatopo options in any of the sculpting settings in blender 2.80 alpha 2.
Hasn´t it been implemented yet or?

(Pixelfox) #2

It’s there (Edit: in the current Beta versions at least). If you go to the Sculpting workspace for example and with a sculpting tool selected look at the Active Tool and Workspace settings tab in preferences (the wrench and screwdriver icon / the topmost tab) and Dyntopo is towards the bottom of the preference panels.


We are in beta now, not Alpha. You can find the latest 2.8 beta build here: https://builder.blender.org/download/

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The 2.80 splash screen I got says alpha 2.0, and it is a later version of 2.0, not sure which…

I also got a betaversion 2,80 but that is an older version than the alpha… no more version numbers in the splash screen that can tell them apart, but that is an older version with old sculpting thumbs and not the new icons.
The new icons in 2.80 is in my version that says it is Alpha 2.0 in the splash screen.

It could be that the splash screen isn´t correct then.

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Thanks, I found it, though things like that makes no sense to have to jumpt through various parts like that to get to the dynatopo options, I wonder why they made it like that…I prefered it being in the sculpt tools.

Ideally this should be in the same menu where you have, view, sculpt, brush, hide mask…then dynatopo on off.

another topic also wonder why view/toggle quad viewport isn´t in the view menu as it used to be, now I can only use shortcut…not good for newbies.


You can also find Dyntopo options near the top right of the screen, just above the Outliner. Here’s a screenshot:

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A bit odd though that the beta release of 2.80 was older, than this “alpha 2 release” from 2018-09-21

Why was it called beta, then to turn up as alpha within the same version number.

See screenshot


I’m not sure exactly, did you download the beta release on their official website or the link I sent?

If so, the one on the website was probably not up-to-date, whereas the builds from https://builder.blender.org/download/ is updated daily.

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No I think it was the official site, I haven´t downloaded anything since that release on september 2018.
but I see the UI has changed a bit now, so I will soon download the later ones.

Thanks for your support guys…


(cgCody) #10

2.80 beta was first released a little over a month ago. If you have something that says beta from September, you may want to run a virus scan to make sure you didn’t end up with a fake/trojan copy. May be unlikly, but doesn’t hurt to be safe.

(Pixelfox) #11

There really are no 2.80 “releases” (yet) as it changes many times a day with nightly builds available for download each day. At various points along the way the designation of “Alpha” or “Beta” got added not to label a specific release, but to indicate that the software had reached a threshold where users and add-on developers could begin to take it more seriously.

If you’re a 2.80 user, you should download a new version at least weekly I would say (you can keep your old one around just in case you encounter some problem in the new one) or even more frequently as there are usually user-visible fixes and other changes daily.

For the most fun you can set up a build environment and compile your own Blender with the up to the minute changes whenever you want to.