Dyne:bolic Chaos and Cluster Rendering

I would like to be able to use my work network to render animations without writing anything to the hd of the local node. To use Dynebolc with blender see this tute: http://spot.river-styx.com/viewarticle.php?id=12

However, this requires a copy of the /Dyne directory to be docked on each machine in order to remove the cd to go around to each machine and boot the dynebolic cd. Chaos, http://midnightcode.org/projects/chaos/ and http://www.purehacking.com/chaos/ , another openmosix enabled live cd, is only 6.3mb in footprint. I would like to somehow be able to use it instead of dynebolic, since it is so small and you can use one cd to go around and boot each machine. It is more secure. It does not touch the hard drive. Does anyone know of a way to add blender to the live cd in order render? I’m new at the live cd linux thing, so maybe I have misunderstood this. I have done a simple dynebolic 3 node cluster according to the link above, and it works, but I am now looking for a small, single cd (much running about) way of doing it securely on my network at work. Thanks.

Will blender ever have pvm or mpi implemented so the whole process can be clustered?