Dynomutt + BehindTheScenes

Hi folks, this is my last (paid) work: “Dynomutt”
Total time: 50 hours




Textures baked with BakePBR addon:


hello you did a pretty good job :blush:, may i ask how this guy that asked you this, reacted to your head part, because he was looking for something 99 % of accuracy :roll_eyes: LOL…i actually offered to him too, but he refuse mine test, because is was not accurate enough (i am talking of the head only area, cuz i did test of the head only before beginning something to be sure, so the others hardsurface parts weren’t a problem for me to model them since i have the same knowledge as you for that, but it was just a test i did for him of head (sculpted first without retopology), so the head was the problem to get that likeness)…por cierto hablo español xD :crazy_face:

Hi, how are you?
When I started the project I saw the material. In the archives was the head.
The problem was not technical, the problem was morphology.
Among artists, the same problem always appears, they have knowledge of the program but often have problems with drawing or classical sculpture.
You speak Spanish, if you see my lives you can always talk about this.

The customer love the head. He send me 74 pictures for model the dog.

I send you my regards!

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I am super happy with the model. Oscurart provided many WIP’s along the process (100+!), enabling super fast feedback. Very professional!

And I am pretty sure the mesh itself is very very close to the original model, which I had requested in the job description.

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Thanks for your words!
I’m very happy working with you.

Your render looks amazing.

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I’ll make a proper render when I’ve rigged him =^_^=


@oscurart @Tomboz hell yeah it looks damn good so far!..oh would great if you could add the stretchy body parts if possible…

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si eso fue lo que me paso, trate de conseguir la semejanza pero no le gusto xD, pero you nailed it! Regards Michael.

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