dynotopo rapid sculpts

reposted for thumbnail update

This smells to be quite a good thread!

did this in 2 hrs…

got tempted and worked for around 2 hrs more to add in more details

cheers @orux

adding some muscles on to the skull model…
(i should be getting so involved with one model.)

been busy wid studio work…
anywys… not this weekend… muhuhahaha.
new dyntopo wip :slight_smile:

snake eyes… sunday morning wip~

baby head sculpt//
half an hr into the process

head shots

Nice sculptings!
I like a lot the snake head.

cheers… :slight_smile:
was going through your youtube vids… neat stuff…

couldnt resist to post a wip… sculpted in blender… post image processing in picsart on android

torso wip~

Looking pretty good so far. Keep up the good work. I especially like the render of the baby with four arms.

These are looking great! For things like the elephant are you using skin modifier first?

Could be just the view but it looks like you have too many abs on the torso. Very nice work on everything though, nice expressions.

@justcool52: cheers… glad to know you liked the four arm baby… not many ppl like it for some reason…
@exciting cactus: nah man no modifiers as such… all i do is take a cube and subdivide it twice or thrice… and then just switch on dyntopo and start sculpting from there…
@imaginer: i think it feels that way because the length of the torso is too long… and thats because i have cropped of a part of the bigger picture… will post it soon… stuck with studio job deadlines again…
@all : thankyou for your views and comments on my work… have a nice day

Wonderful and interesting thread!!!
Keep posting.

@michalis cheers… :slight_smile: your work is really inspiring… actually i was hunting around for blender dyntopo after seeing couple of your sculpts…am around 6 months in with blender… it truly is a wonder software to play around with…

2 hrs in with dyntopo…