Dynotopo warning "Vertex Data Detected"


I hope it’s okay that my first post will be a question-thread, since I couldn’t find an answer anywhere else.

I must’ve accidentally done something do create “vertex data” (at this point of time I’m not exactly sure what that even is) but now everytime I try to enter Dynotopo mode this warning pops up and it is really bugging me.

Can somebody tell me if there is any way to delete it so I can directly get into Dynotopo mode again?
Here’s a picture of the message.

Thanks for any kind of help!

Properties panel / object data, see if you have something and delete it.
Can be vertex colors, vertexgroups, UVs, simply select and delete it


Thank you very much, exactly what I was looking for.
And I’m sorry I had to start a thread for this obviously trivial problem.

Deleted double post.