DynRemesh- Anistropic Quad-Remesher



Understood. Not a problem Alberto. :slight_smile:

(CarlosSilva) #62

Hi may name is Carlos,
This tool is nice for fast retopology and gain speed for clean scan models. But need more controls for better retopology control. Like this INSTANT RETOPOLOGY, this tool is made by Alberto and look amazing for fast retopology, like a zremesh.

We need more controls for make the best and fast retopology and you make this before, you is a great developer this is easy for you. :slight_smile:
With this controls this tool will intro other level of fast retopology workflow.

(Justb) #63

Same here.

decimate, Alt J, subdivide.

Was expecting something similar to zremesher ( or other ) with better edgeflow and less random poles.

(Justb) #64

These step are pretty well known I think. Perhaps mention that in description since it’s a shortcut only and not a new quadrangulation algorithm.

My suggestion would be for a qudrangulation with better edgeflow similar to z remesher. The ultimate goal for this kind of thing is to have as close to a low poly quad version of the high poly with good edgeflow and less random poles which makes it better for subdividing and sculpting with the smooth brush if needed.

Having random poles causes bumps in your high poly mesh when sculpting. Clean topology makes for a smoother mesh.

(kabu) #65

Can someone post some clear examples of zbrush and 3d coat retopology?

(julperado) #66

Zbrush remesher is not perfect, since it leaves some annoying “infinite” loops, but is still clearly better than we have available for Blender right now.

(m9105826) #67

With guides, symmetry, and polygroup locking I don’t think I’ve seen any unintentional spiraling loops since the ZRemesher update a couple of years ago. People have a lot more control over the polyflow of ZRemesher than they may think.

(julperado) #68

Of course, getting a good, usable topology in zbrush is totally possible and not very hard; I’m only comparing the pure automatic result of zremesher to the automatic result of DynRemesh, just because @kabu asked for an example.