DynRemesh- Quad-based Remesher


(Alberto Gonzalez(afx)) #81

Prototype auto-remesh for dynamic topology sculpting.
Retopologize as you sculpt !

(Peetie) #82

Now that looks nice. Happy to see this.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #83

I think you need to do your testing with more realistic use cases, like humans and animals. Just testing on silly blobs hides the topology problems.

(Loïc Norgeot) #84

I appreciate your reaction here, and really hope that we will indeed manage to turn the heat down for future discussion :wink: !

I previously posted the link to my project as a probable source of inspiration for the symmetry and relaxation operators, not to shamelessly promote myself. And if you got inspired by it and its source code as I think you did, I’d surely appreciate you citing my project.

By the way, I am preparing a post for BlenderNation, and would like your opinion: do you want me to say “inspired by DynRemesh” with a link when talking about my quads implementation, or would you like me to not make any reference (nor “subtle allusion”) to your addon? I’d suggest to keep the rest of this discussion private if you wish to message me.

Cheers, and keep up the good work!

(Alberto Gonzalez(afx)) #85

No problem :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been working on symmetry since it was a highly requested feature when I first released DynRemesh. Btw I saw your symmetry method in the video, that cursor option is looking great! nice job.

I don’t mind, if you want to reference my tool because it inspired you, go ahead, it’s up to you & thanks!

(Alberto Gonzalez(afx)) #86


(Alberto Gonzalez(afx)) #87

Implementation of QuadriFlow(AutoFlow) . :pray:

No need for installation :wink:

(julperado) #88

Looks great! :muscle:

(3toedSloth) #89

That’s the result I was looking for! When are you releasing it?

Keep up the great work.

(Justb) #90

Looks Awesome. Looking forward to trying it out.