Dyntopo bronze figure

I may or may not work more on this, so I´m posting it as it is. This is a quick sculpt, so not much to say about it:

I like this one. :slight_smile:
Although I think that the cloths dont fit with the 'hat' cause the hat tells me : "hello Im the autumn queen" and the cloth “meeh … I want blood” :smiley:
Other than that, I like it. I also tested dyntopo just today. Its a cool trunk, although I cant get the model look smooth enough when I try to render it. Btw nice material node.

Looks fantastic. How many polys it have?

Yeah, the dress don’t fit the character very well, I could turn the spikes into leaves or petals quite easily.
I have to check it but I think it’s around 400K tris.

Really, really a nice work!
The figure is fantastic, great creativity.


great fun, full of character and a healthy dose of style!

I like teh spikes, they work with the pointy tree crown already and give a great silhouette.

Not a fan of the bronze… looks a little cheap. You should check out some of michalis’ materials. He always gets a nice “expensive” looking patina going.

try a small bump map to get some pits and wear… try using a “dirty vertex colour” bake to mix materials…

Thank you, sourvinos!
Michael, yes, the bronze shader is just a quick node setup made for resalting the shapes, not very realistic. But the “vertex dirty color” is used in my image, you can notice it in the green patina

Amazing, I love it!

Amazing indeed.
Oh you posted it here, nice!
Very well done, nice shader!

Looking Great!
Love your style =)

As I said before, it’s Stylish.
Thank you onnevan.
A recommendation from me:
Break your symmetrical look!
You’ve got the feeling nicely but you could emphasize it by asymmetrical look.
Here she’s got same feeling on both left and right of her face! and she’s got buttons on both sides!
you could get more realistic look by using brushes asymmetrically, you can use Grab and Nudge brushes to do so.
In many cases Passions show themselves asymmetrically!!!;)I enjoy your Sculptures and your Concepts at your blog, Thank you.

What is the node setup for that shader?

Thanks to all! wow, I was featured :D!

Michalis, I never posted anything in “finished” category, this is the first time. I have my computer full of “tests”, but can hardly finish projects, that’s the power of dyntopo for me, you can concentrate only in the artistic side and leave aside the technical time-consuming part of 3d, and that’s the great thing about the dyntopo thread in this forum too!. And for the shader, well you really have some great shaders, so thank you!

Partin, you are completely right about asymmetry, the problem is that I try to delay the moment for turning off symmetry as much as I can to avoid working on both sides one at a time, and many times that moment never comes because I don’t see the moment of finishing things!:D. Anyway, I’ll try to do your suggestions, thank you

:wink: congrats onnevan.Nice work.

Thanks ng- material! Interesting nickname, by the way:yes:

I’d definitely like to see your shader setup also

Very simple node setup as you can see, I always color the reflection when doing metals:

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Gorgeous sculpt.

Thanks for the material!

The thumbnail looks like a lot of the gold/bronze Buddha statues from the regions of Thailand or India. The nodes of hair especially evoke the aesthetic of some Chinese carvings I have seen. The full image? The spikes of the crown and the collar really fight with the roundness of the face and the serene expression.

This is just another kick telling me to hurry up and figure out how to talk to Blender. Great work, Onnevan. Strong work.

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