Dyntopo : Doesn't work with Anchor Stroke types?

Hello there,

I’m on 2.79b. Just realized that Dyntopo doesn’t work with Stroke type : anchor. Does this happen for everyone?

Imho only thing changed is where stroke starts relative to click - 2.76 it was center however on 2.79 its opposite to the drag side of the circle.

Hey Eppo,

Thanks for the reply! I noticed that! Im talking about it not adding new geo when you use dyntopo and anchored stroke type. Give it a spin and you’ll see.

Yes. That stroke method does not add geometry and that is logical.
By default, Dynamic Topology refine method subdivides edges and collapses them.
Having this stroke method working means that subdivided edges at start of pointer move could be collapsed and resubdivided several times before the end of pointer move, according to size of move and pattern of brush.
In other words, that is maybe a method a little too dynamic, contrary to the others, to be well supported.

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@zeauro thanks! yea that makes sense! I was hoping to dynamically stamp details with the brush detail mode. Also doesn’t work with the drag dot method.

Relative detail mode creates geometry with same level of detail, if viewpoint is not changed. So, you are loosing details of pattern of brush by using a smaller brush.
Brush detail mode is here to keep same pattern no matter size of brush is used. It adapts level of detail to size of brush. It is not doing more than that.

But to use Anchor or Drag Dot method, you always have to create geometry first.

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Hello! One small question. Do you know if there is plan to implement proper dynamic topology to anchored and drag dot?
Now that dynamic topology is going to be improve… maybe we can have that feature?