Dyntopo - No UV MAP - still vertex data detected

I know that turning on dyntopo with a uv map active in the object will give (an error) a caution message that says “vertex data detected.” But I have already deleted the UV map and I don’t really see anything else in the object data properties that could be throwing it off. what am I missing?

It’s not so much an error message as a caution message - I mean to say, an error message means that your operation can’t be done, and you can turn on dyntopo and use it with this message. That’s not just a semantic thing, you can ignore this message and just continue with your workflow :slight_smile:

thank you. i know i can keep going and ignore the message… it’s just annoying everytime.

custom split normals data was causing the “caution” error to show up in my model. i cleared it and the message went away.