Dyntopo Resolution Flood

hey guys, what do you think of an option in dyntopo which can flood the entire model with resolution based still on the “dyntopo detail” value and camera distance.

kinda like if you’ve got a low res sphere in there and you go in and sculpt the whole surface with simplify brush to have your desired resolution.

but with this option, you just push the button and it does it for you, saves time trying to go over the whole surface to have a fairly clean surface to sculpt on.

think of it as remesh, but done with dyntopo algo. it can also have a “smooth” value option in there you can click to smooth the entire model.

i’ve done tests using remesh, (with remesh and dyntopo the surface looks messy so…), its very effective for organics, slowly building up muscle detail and also for hard surface.

this i think will eliminate some problem with the dyntopo lag effect as you get a higher mesh resolution, since you got a linear workflow building up forms slowly, having a clean mesh each you “res” up.

i will post a video using the existing remesh function to demo the process, its a 3 step remesh with dyntopo, at the end i end up with a fairly low res dyntopo mesh (ex. 50k vert) with all the landmarks necessary to step up the model to detail stage.