Dyntopo tests

Feel free to post your Dyntopo tests in here.

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Beautiful collection of videos.
Great work sick.
Here’s mine, doodling under dynatopo testing. Blender dynatopology only projects.
Cycles renders, no re-topology, UVs or such for now. Procedural shaders.












Nice. In addition to show nice sculpt/doodling it would be useful if this thread will be used to find the best/fastest method to get dyntopo meshes “production ready”. A nice workflow discussion.

Tonight i’ll test some retopo via Bsurfaces addon if i get time.


Many ways to manipulate such meshes.
It may be a bit time consuming, it’s the easy part though.
let’s concentrate on creation. Art, as humble as it can be. As spontaneous as it can be under a 3d app.
For technical solutions there’re already other topics running. So let’s keep it clean.
Let’s talk and comment our tries in art. What a drawing is, abstract art, naturalism, anatomy, things like these.
Waiting for your creations then. And your comments.

My first comment on sick’s work.
He uses, sometimes, boolean operations for joining human body parts or simple geometrical meshes. Excellent idea. This method creates clean joins. Clean shapes after all.

Don’t want to be rude but: First, you can’t decide a thread content, unless you started it and gave guidelines.

Second, if this is the real purpose of the thread and user sick is fine with it (talk and comment our tries in art etc…) then i’m not interested and wish you guys to have fun.

That is why I started the thread.
We can discuss workflow matters here if you want. But, it would make this thread too similar to the development one, wouldn’t it?
If we are able to discuss sculpting and not features-we-think-Blender-should-have, there’s no problem for me.

thanks for the invite Michalis, would have missed this…

been busy at work so not done many personal tests but I’ve done a lot of landscapes for production








I haven’t had much time for Blender lately, but since everybody is posting their old stuff, here are the few pics I had posted in the other thread:

Test to animate dyntopo mesh as is, without retopo, only using a MeshDeform modifier and some procedural noise curves (OpenGL render):


Test render (cycles) with another material:

Impressive work Caronte. You should post a tutorial. (probably in another thread)
You might also post a render of this fine sculpting. On top of the video link. Very well done!

I also want to thank you, all of you for participating on this thread.
I might say… a new wave in blender sculpting (OK, stopping LOL)

Thanks! :wink:
The whole thread is filled of nice works.


Rendered with MicroRender
Background from HDR Labs

i rendered it again with a sunlamp then composted it over the original…
this one seem to have better shadows and depth…


oh the hair color i just did post with paint.net( a layer overlay)

Now you’re talking. Great scene!

thanks… still more work could be done on it…
texture added to the glove for brand name(Everlast, Reyes, etc)

proper texture for the body with pores, maybe some hair on the legs and forearms?)
although MicroRender doesn’t have it yet SSS…(he’s got it on the roadmap)

more can always be done to a piece,
but like to make new stuff… I dont like to dwell on the same thing to long…

You know what I like most on this dyntopo gallery thread?
How different styles exist together.
Maybe not some great art, but I might think otherwise.
That’s why I call dyntopo-blender sculpting innovative.

Very impressiv work !

Kind regards

K heres mine, its Sven the Returned from the Northlanders comics,
great thread, if the brushes blender has get a few improvements here and there
this feature along side the skin modifier could make blender nearly as
flexible as zbrush is.

ok, i know, this does not qualify as artwork really, but i had just downloaded dynatopo branch and after needing 15 minutes to find where dynatopo feature was hidden :smiley: i was doing this from a once subdivided cube in a few minutes, and, i wanted let you know i am testing dynamesh now too …
wow, i love to see how the new polygons are built under the stroke, and only where i need them … i had an issue with the x-mirror (but might be my fault as i am using this first time) the sculpt is not x-symmetric despite i had x-mirror enabled … the grab brush seemed to make the asymmetry)… anyway, as said, might well be that i did something wrong… wonderful way of sculpting, is my very first impression :slight_smile: so, here my fist baby steps in dynamesh :wink:

hi michalis, thanks for the welcome…yes, ok, next time i post techs in the other thread…was just so excited… so, here is the second attempt, about 2 hours…

I like this! A lot.
Reminds me some grecoroman terracottas (found in egypt). Are you familiar with this treasure or art?