Dyntopo tests

I think that this is a refresh problem only, where Eevee material seems to remain a little when you enable dyntopo. I do not think that is working. I think maybe what I’m asking for is not even implemented yet.

I have also seen some refresh problems with Dyntopo Smooth Shading in Eevee rendered view.

That would mean having to constantly push mesh updates from cpu to gpu, but then that kinda has to happen anyways I guess, yeah. Would be interesting if we had all this sculpting happen on the GPU(compute shaders?) side all together.

May well be the case, yes.

Would love to see Sculpting under Eevee Render happen.
It’s a gimmick though, but one that would turn heads aplenty!!!
Probably wouldn’t use it too much personally, but I would definitely demo it out when I’m demoing blender to other artists, that’s like ultimate eyecandy :slight_smile:

Maybe it’d be code that would be usefull across some other viewport-eevee situations, in that case yeah would love it.


Did a hero face during weekend:


Still experimenting on my 3d to 2d transition methods.


We The Dyntopo Crew ™ just got some love!!
Courtesy of @Jeacom, thanks!


I remember someone doing something similar, but it is quad-based dyntopo sculpting

Was checking out tube, and found this nice demo of 2.8 sculpting

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Someone’s been busy :wink:

Nice forms and nice amount of detail!

Just wanted to follow up in this thread as well.

Jeacom’s TopoRake just got commited! It’s in the latest buildbot.


Beautiful work, @mandragora :+1::+1:

Thanks :grinning: a lot of learning in front of me


@mandragora, you’re on roll, banging them out! Really like the human head there. Love the nose, eyes and ears on it!

Thought I’d post my latest WIP here as well. Something smooth and subtle for a change. I should sculpt more girls … it’s just that creatures are just too much fun to do sculpt jams on.
Used TopoRake on this sporadically (before the patch was accepted, so sometimes I forgot to boot the TopoRake build).
No UVz, everything is VertexColor maps. Eevee render 64 samples, 3.5 sec renders :slight_smile:
Eyelashes are just a temp placeholder.
Unfortunately, not my own design. This is based on a 2D concept from an artist off ArtStation, I’ll post the reference eventually. Either if I get closer to final, or abandon the project.


Didn’t see if this was already posted on BA.
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Some great work is done on sculpting. Let’s hope to see this committed soon.
Each one of these demos is - we wants it!



I am drooling! Bring on the improvements! :+1:

This is so painful, dyntopo thread from 2012. 6387 posts (OMG), and almost no improvements. And now compare this to gimmicky grease pencil.


I agree. It’s about time Blender (Dyntopo) Sculpting is improved. Vote for this list to try and reach the developers. Leave a comment with an additional suggestion if you like. Thanks.

rejoice fellow sculptors, some good things happening in forgotten sculpt mode, check it here: https://blender.community/c/graphicall/dcbbbc/
but seriously they so bad on communication, I found this just by accident

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You can read more about it here: Pablo Dobarro reveals his master plan for sculpting
And here:

I’ve been playing with it lately and it is very nice, I hope all the improvements get added into trunk eventually because they really change the sculpt experience for the better :slight_smile:

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I hope he implement all of those amazing features
I did play with this build but without instruction it’s rather hard, still glad that sculpting finally got some attention