Dyntopo tests

yes with art, not with grecoroman terracottas though… this one was inspired by a bernini

Well, here you’re
Unfortunately some of my tries are shown there, damned google !!!

lol - yes google sees everything … and, i see why you were reminded by my sculpture. … art is a wonderful subject, so many branches to explore and enjoy. thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

10 minutes Dyntopo cushion

It’s not art of course, but still is a Dyntopo test which demonstrates how much it is productive, imo.

EDIT: added different models from the same mesh. They’re not really clean and precise since i don’t have my tablet here and sculpting with the mouse is quite a PITA.





I tried downloading the dynotopo branch build but am unable to access the dyno tools. Advice?

Wow cool !

I still don’t understand what dyntopo does more compared to the releases before dyntopo ?
A smarter handling of the meshresololtion ?
What are the advantages of dyntopo ?

I sclupted my pillows with Sculptris which is very easy and intuitive to handle.
The sculpt-modus in Blender did never really convince me, should I give it another try with dyntopo then ? :slight_smile:

Kind regards

@Alain - Thanks, the difference is that now it works like Sculptris (if you enable the option). You can start with a sphere and get a whole creature for example, without minding the topology or resolution of your mesh.

You aren’t stuck anymore with your underlying topology, you can add details where you need them. Anyways, keep in mind it will produce a unusable mesh for production/animation/unwrapping/subdividing, with tiny little triangles. You have to retopo the mesh if you want to use it efficiently.

But that’s the goal of Dyntopo, being able to sculpt freely until your satisfied, then you clean up your mesh and keep working on it.

In Sculpt mode open ToolBar (t) and you can find an “Enable Dynamic” button on the “Options” panel.

You can add more mesh density only where you need it, instead of doing it over the whole mesh.

Hi Ricky here the imagen i did yesterday .
Hope you like it


My name isn’t ricky but I like it a lot!
Beautiful sculpting.
You have to render it, in cycles probably, to see the real truth. So, as you sculpt, have a simple scene set up and do some preview renders. This is the most innovative about blender sculpting. IMO.

For technical matters, please visit the other forum. Let’s try to keep this thread clean. Commenting art mostly.

ok, thanks you like it .
I don’t have to much time to prove cycles and render here again or some previews .


nice render anyway

for other technical details you can look at other thread
but have to read other posts there
Michalis has given a lot of details

but as i remember you have done much more elaborate sculpting before with blender
hope to see more models from you cause your very good with sculpting

asta la vista amigo


Excelente .
Maybe later can play more , i busy estos dias amigo Ricky
Hope to see some model yours .


Hi guys,I love the thread,well like the title says:

Here’s about 15-20 min. using the Dyntopo build for the first time.


and here’s the timelapse!

Does Z-Brush have this feature? Or does only Sculptris have this? And other sculpt software?

I know that 3DCoat have this kind of feature, it was implemented during Farsthary work for their company.
There’s the free Meshmixer program that has such function too.
I don’t think Zbrush has it, i saw no such thing on their video.

Zbrush has a quite different approach on this subject. They use dynaMesh (similar to blender remesh modifier but much more advanced, fast and organized)
Zbrush has also a real time render engine that supports 40M single meshes easily.
For the record, when zbrush counts 8M points, means 8Mpoints=16Mquads=32Mtris. So you get the picture.
Pixologic avoids dynamic tessellation in zbrush. They have their reasons. Not a subject to discuss here.

As for Farsthary and his 3dcoat work, well, it seems Nicholas achieved something better and simpler in dynatopology. A much better behavior of the tools, a more organized workflow. IMO.

I hate to barge in here on a vague tangent, but does anyone know of any good 3D sculpting tutorials. I’m fairly good at sculpting, but when it comes to blender (especially blender and more specifically dyntopo), I have a hard time getting smooth surfaces flowing into a spot with hard edges or detail. Any hints or tuts would be appreciated. I’d very much like to be able to post some nice stuff in here. =)

I won’t post any tut here but try this.
Do some hard modeling (edit mode), some booleans, whatever.
then, under dyntopo, disable “collapse short edges” and sculpt on some parts of this mesh. You’ll notice that hard edges remain hard.

Great work everyone! You’re making this such a beautiful thread. :slight_smile:

New tests