Dyntopo versus Voxel sculpting

Before when I was first testing out voxel modeling in blender, I said dyntopo had better form. I don’t think so anymore. After using voxel for one sculpting I have decided that voxel is better than dyntopo.

Dyntopo is better at creases and snake hook. Dyntopo needs no remeshing. But it’s vertice generation is slow because it’s single threaded. Push and pull is multi-threaded. It’s ugle to look at. Edges are jagged. It’s easy to form shapes. It’s been mainstream for sculpting artist in blender.

Have to remesh to form shapes. It’s smoother to look at. It’s faster than dyntopo. It requires uniform density. It’s form is good. Although crease is different, it’s in a good way. No Snake Hook (there is but bad idea). Grab brush works better. Remesh can fix faults in mesh, really bad faults. Joining objects is faster using remesh and join operation. Currently tutorials introduce dyntopo, but not voxels, this is bad, but an opportunity. Dyntopo can be used along with voxels, by remesh to fix dyntopo. The high resolution sculpt renders better.

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Thanks for the info,
But seeing as I mostly use Snake-Hook for my sculpting,
Ill stich with Dyntopo. :sweat_smile:

Also, you can use mask and face sets with voxel

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