Dyntopo workflow help

Working on a piece which has nice topo [created from primitives, so no sculpting or dyntopo], so when I hit Dyntopo for the first time to shape/mold/polish it a bit and then go back to Object mode and toggle Subsurf ON again, it creates these umm, well to me it looks like doubled edges/verts … not pretty.

Removing doubles did not resulted in any improvement…

Also not exactly sure what happened on the second pic, but it resulted from a similar scenario (hitting Dyntopo and going back to Ob mode)

Any tips or hints will be much appreciated


dyntopothing.blend (961 KB)

Or are you not supposed to use Subsurf after dyntopo [and use that only to smooth out your mesh]?

Dyntopo creates triangles, the subsurf modifier and non planar triangles (especially long thing triangles) can cause visual artifacts.
Quads and subsurf work best together.

What is the cast modifier there for ?


Oh thats just a remnant of previous workings, not sure why it stayed there…

Actually, it looks you have not applied your scale for that model. I had very similar problem some time ago.

Pardon, what do you mean? The CTRL+A thing?

You are working kind of in wrong direction usual we do this: with start with Dyntopo then retopo then multires for fines details, bake details if you want and then subsurf modifier on the low res model.
In dyntopo you work on character without thinking about topology or fines details you just work creating primary and secondary forms. your mesh is all triangles, not need for subsurf mod.
Retopo step is thinking about topology this part is really important if you think about making animation. At the end of this stage you will end up with low resolution model.
Multires for fines details and bake the details on low resolution mesh then you can add subsurf modifier.
To fix your mesh you have sculpt secondary form in dyntopo till the end, then retopo or if you still have a copy of the model or a copy if the .blend with mesh before dyntopo enabled, you van append it and shrinkwrap modifier to project your secondary form to the low resolution one.
Please use youtube if some terms are not familiar.

Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

The crtl+a in object mode is for applying the scale of your mesh, so your mesh will be in synchronization with dyntopo brushes :wink:

Thanks alot for the explanation, with dyntopo, its a bit harder to create precise hard surface stuff, though…

One more thing, if you’re doing hard surface stuff I’d recommend to use dyntopo only in the early stages, since is better suited for organic modeling and sketching.
If you got far enough in a model using dyntopo and need to add finer detail, just do a quick retopo, and take a look at HardOps. Is a really good addon for hard surface modeling. Here’s the thread

Also, Kent Tramell did a great course on creating a Sci-fi helmet, covering the whole workflow. I believe there’s also a free course in the CGCookie archives about sculpt and retopo of a sci-fi gun.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hey man, thanks a lot. Yeah, hard-ops has been in mind for a while, will check into that,