Dystopian II


I did not expect to see a Fiat Ritmo modeled for such setting.

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Haha my “dystopian 1” also has the same car and tbh it looks better than this dystopian 2 lol

Many Fiat car models from that period did not have a very good build quality, so the (pristine-looking, even) car seemed to kind of mismatch with the dystopian setting presented in the thread; this is what I meant.

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Yes you’re right it does look kind of mis matched I won’t deny that but it came to my mind that well when the world is ending people will just use whatever they get their hands on XD I have seen lots and lots of other classic cars in such settings and I wanted to do something different but keeping the theme same.
But yeah again, you’re right
That’s why I’m planning on making a few changes on my dystopian series :smiley: