E-Art = Earth and Art.
It’s a piece of art. Don’t you think ?

I’m not very good with this contemporary stuff, what emotions is this image supposed to transmit?

calling something art doesn’t make it good nor meaningful :stuck_out_tongue:

It can for sure start a discussion on what is art and what is not, like Duchamp did.

Well, for me, art transmits a feeling. I believe an artist is truly an artist when his work transmits emotion and moods. And you could argue that there’s art just for entertainment, but even that art brings relaxation. Before the OP says what it’s supposed to be and what it transmits, I don’t want to affirm myself, but to me it looks like it could’ve been drawn by a 4 years old. Sorry OP, maybe you’ll enlighten me, but I don’t feel this is art… At least not in my definition.