e-cigs vs tobacco

The reason I ask is because as of now, i am a full 5 days tobacco free. :yes:
The first time in 25+ years. I cant say it has been all-easy … but stop smoking is #1 on my mind.

Someone else. —> :smiley: <—
Will have to help pay the lions share of taxes now. :wink:

Good to hear! You’ make the right choice, i can’t say if it’s better the electronics one (i don’t smoke) but this is good for you and all the other people around you. Keep going!

Hard to say if e-cigs are a valid alternative - they’re so new that up to this point you won’t find any long-term studies about side-effects or potential health damage caused by them.

I think I’v read somewhere that it’s important to pay attention to the quality of the liquids you use in them: In some cheap import liquids from China potentially dangerous contaminants have been found.

Apart from that: To my knowledge there are c-cig liquids with and without nicotine. Using those with nicotine means still staying addicted, doesn’t it? Granted, you get rid of the tar and the various additives in cigarettes, but nicotine junkie stays nicotine junkie…

I agree with you… until you say Junkie!
i dont take offence but, its like saying Coffee junkie, sugar junkie…
Why the hell do people climb mountains ? … you could kill/hurt yourself.

@ rebellion thanks.

Not sure if I understand your point.
But the basic meaning of “junkie” = person suffering from drug addiction, formally called an “addict”, either to recreational drug use or, less frequently, to prescription drug use (from: Wikipedia), no?

And let’s not trivialize this: The fact that nicotine is legal doesn’t change the other fact that it is a highly addictive drug.

nicotine = Stimulant

every one enjoys them in one form or another :slight_smile:

Enjoying something and being addicted to something are two completely different things though

“e-cigs” are a cunningly devised deathtrap designed to make cigarette smoking socially acceptable again … even fashionable and trendy. I believe that they are also intended to increase the amount of nicotine in the atmosphere – “secondhand smoke” minus the smoke.

The bottom line is that smoking … nicotine addiction … in all its forms is a horrible deathtrap. It killed both of my grandfathers, my father in law, and it would have killed my father too had it not gruesomely killed my grandfather first (in 1969).

It is [u]physiologically[/i] addictive, which means that there actually is a prescription drug that will block those dopamine-receptors, stopping the cravings cold. Which actually worked for my father in law, except that it worked much too late.

And so it is that, when I walk in the cemetery now and again, I see … cigarette packs, not headstones.

I love them all to this day … and I can never bring them back.

Day 6 Tabacco free.

Having a cup of Caffeine, i mean coffee and i still think i feel better about how things are working out.

Nicotine is very addictive and no-one should start using e-cigs if they dont smoke.
But to ban e-cigs for a unknown reason or because some idiot is trying to be cool is just dumb.

This is for a friend (who was like a brother) died 2+ years ago from smoking.

In 1963 A Korean guy filled a patent for a device that would help people stop smoking… todays e-cig.
is that crazy or what.

My brother smokes and I have come to accept that he will eventually die from it and there is nothing I can do to change that - save for lock him in a room in the middle of nowhere, without transportation, for a month.

Still, its good to hear someone is having success and reducing the risk of lung cancer. I wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone.

Like legal marijuana, the possible long term effects of E-cig use are still largely unknown and more research is needed to determine if you can safely puff them for years without a major detriment to your health.

Perhaps if they’re used only as a prescribed treatment to quit smoking and then never used again would they be of an actual benefit to the person.

Marijuana has been legaized for a few reasons but mostly because its a cash crop :wink:

“Perhaps if they’re used only as a prescribed treatment to quit smoking and then never used again would they be of an actual benefit to the person.”

I am well over 19 years of age and can make my own choices… i dont need that control over my life.
I am a person not a cash grab. Plus “they” dont give a rats ass for our well-being. Look at the listed side effects of some of the pills prescribed by doctors and approved by the FDA… scary if you ask me.

Besides how many times have we been told eggs,coffee and such… was bad for us then it okay?

this is my eight day of not smoking… doing fine now, hope the worst is over…

m_squared , good . lets do this :yes:

unreal story , but them again , MSN Yuk… Yuk…


Day 7 Tabacco free.

If you are interested, or you know someone that is having a hard time quiting smoking here is a Forum they may find info and support.

Also Google
Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, a very interesting crowdfunded study regarding “Vaping”


Day 8 Tobacco free.

Was sitting outside a coffee shop around a couple of smokers and boy could I smell
them. One guy asked me if it helps or works, he said he tried everything in the past to stop smoking
and nothing helped. He went on to say he spends $ 85 bucks a week on cigarettes.
I hope I run into him again and seen how hes doing.

For myself, my doctor was thrilled, even shocked I stopped smoking.
I feel great! Its like I am ten years younger already. The more I read-up on the subject
the more hope I have for smokers to finally pack it in.

And after quitting… I realize how much poison is in real cigarette smoke and not just the nicotine.
I hope we (ex-smokers) get more support from non smokers and not just the same judgment
and ridicule.

I like like to thank the ones that understand… Thank-you. :smiley:

keep it up bingoul! you can do it… today is my 10th day of not smoking and it’s strange but somehow I have a bigger craving for a cigarette… :confused: Do you use e-cig or are you completely nicotine free?

m_squared , I was out on a fishing trip which ended up being the biggest challenge
of all stop smoking days. Two minutes after unpacking and opening the first beer
the thought of “not smoking” was Odd/UN-comfortable. I cleared the tallest hurdle.

I do use a e-cig device, with nicotine. Replacing cigarettes and nicotine is very difficult.
Most delivery systems with nicotine fail (patch, oral spray, gum…) I think maybe because of many habitual routines… we smokers create throughout the day.
Not saying it cant be done without e-cigs, but I can say its a better alternative to a pack a day habit.

I am not anti tobacco, I think people/adults can/should be able to enjoy what they want like cigars, pipe, tobacco… but for-myself this has been a personal health choice. I feel better, this may prove
e-cigs can/may help people stop smoking cigarettes, and may help improve the health of many by cutting back smoking.

From a guy who has smoked waaaaaay tooooo long, and hasn’t found the will to quit yet … I wish you good luck bingoul!

I quit several years ago, cold turkey. It took me about a month before I totally quit thinking about it. The first few days were really interesting because I seemed to have a superhuman sense of smell. I could smell pine trees from half a block away and stuff.

I never tried e-cigs. I don’t recall if they were even around when I still smoked. I don’t really miss it enough to try them at this point either. :stuck_out_tongue: