E-Cycles - $1 version with OptiX animation denoising available now! 50% off on Pro!

I can’t like this enough!

Hi @bliblubli I see the 2.93.5 release in BM but not the 3.0 version. The most recent 3.0 version is from 9/16. Maybe I just need to be patient and it will show up…


If all goes well, I can make it available today or early tomorrow :slight_smile:


Ok! You are really teasing us! These features are so helpful.

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Overlay render results, yes! finally!
I’ve been asking for this one for 10 years, literally.


There is a Pro 3.0a 20211008 version on Gumroad.


There isn’t. Maybe he was too busy or he forgot to assign the file to the right product variant.

Normally, everybody with a Pro version should see the new version alpha with animation denoising If you can’t see it, you are welcome to poke me by answering any email from Gumroad about E-Cycles, I’ll check asap.

To use animation denoising, simply activate the AI-Denoiser with the check-box in the title and click the animation button in the quick settings. If it’s already ON, just click the animation button. It will start a background rendering process, it is recommended to close Blender for optimal performance.

The command line will close when the process is finished and you will get a video available as well as the EXRs in the output folder. If you are happy with the video, you can delete the EXRs or you can load them in the compositor/nuke/DaVinci for further work in the pipeline with (normally :smiley: ) stable denoised footage :slight_smile:


It was implemented on a request by Max Puliero, I must say I find it also very powerful :slight_smile: .

I see it now!

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  • E-Cycles X with animation denoising is free for 2021 users. It is already available in your downloads.
  • E-Cycles 2021 and 2022 will get the exact same updates until the end of the year. The 2022 orders are for new users wishing 15 months of free updates instead of 3.
  • Your 2021 license will continue to work in 2022.
  • 2021 users can get 50% off on 2022 by pre-ordering it:
    • On the Blender Market, you can use the coupon code EC-renewal to get 50% off on any version.
    • The coupons for Gumroad are not available yet.
  • The coupon code work to upgrade from any version, including E-Cycles 2.79 and E-Cycles lite.
  • Coupons stack with the pre-order price, so you can get E-Cycles Pro + RTX 2022 for $99 for a limited time if you are an existing users.

I can’t keep up with the naming of E-Cycles versions, which you have already changed a few times.
Now I have E-Cycles X Pro and E-Cycles X Pure in my downloads (orders) on Blender Market, and I’m no longer sure which one is which. The fastest one is Pro, right?
Plus, I ordered RTX version earlier this year, and learned that I’ll get free updates for this year, but now, the name of this new update doesn’t say RTX. Does it support RTX GPUs?
Sorry if my questions are dumb. I just got lost with all this versions naming, because I ordered a few versions subsequently.


I am very happy with the animation denoising! No flickering with no external temporal smoothers:

Good job!!!



  • Pure is offering speed-up and multi-pass denoising, it is the base version.
  • Pro is the version with the full feature set and yes it supports RTX cards. Up to 2.93, I offer a GTX optimized version and RTX optimized version. With 3.0, both series get the same optimizations, so there is no need to specify RTX in the name anymore. All devices supported by Blender are also supported by E-Cycles.
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You’re welcome, nice animation!

New York by @Luan3dr made with E-Cycles and Transportation!


@bartv the E-Cycles thread is not shown anywhere anymore on Blender Artists. Disappeared from the general forum, from search… Any reason for that?

@bliblubli I see it in the Promotions forum, see https://blenderartists.org/c/promotions/62

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