E-Cycles - 2.83 stable available now with very fast viewport, new AO/Clay Kernels and more

Sorry, but cant found those page

Hi, depends where you buy E-Cycles, I am on Gumroad and there is a documentation.pdf file.
I have uploaded it to my G drive:

Cheers, mib
Is for AMD but same reason.

Thanks mate :wink:

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Thanks for confiming the bug, I’ll have a look into it. It’s good to know all 7xx react in the same way.

New builds of E-Cycles 2.90 are up for Windows and Linux.

  • includes OIDN 1.2 with faster and higher quality denoising in many scenes (yes, it’s possible, looks really awesome)!
  • includes all the latest improvements of upstream as of today

Happy rendering :slight_smile:


Just for asking. Is that OIDN 1.2 is different than developed/integrated into LuxCore v2.3x or later? I mean in LuxCore I cant using OIDN denosing instide of GPU Compute but in E-Cycles I can. Is that OIDN is different or what?
Thanks for the answers :wink:

I found myself struggling with getting E-cycles to render anything last night when it gave me either a Cuda error or crashing…I was wondering if there’s a common issue for this. The crash seems to be linked to when I changed the image quality from preview to final setting.

Hi, report errors/bugs directly to @bliblubli over your email contact from Gumroad or Market, please. You can reply to a mail from Mathieu, too.
I don´t know the setting “Quality” for images, where to find?

Cheers, mib

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Oh right. I meant to say in the sampling tab. I was referring to the preset settings.

If I purchased the Ecycles RTX, where can I find the AI denoise.py?

I would like to use the bake wrangler add-on on my e-cycles.
Isn’t it possible to use the bake feature in this add-on?

Optix does not support baking, so you can’t do that with RTX version. You have to use regular E-Cycles for that purpose.

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Thank you very much.
I was able to bake it in the CUDA version.

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Hello, sometimes i have this error:

what is the problem and can i do something?
thank you for your answers!

This might be related to the TDR values not set or values too low. This is covered in the E-Cycles doc on gumroad or Blender Market.

After reading that doc, this video shows you how to set the TDR value: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIetNZWQ7RM

I set mines to 60

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i have done this several times.

I noticed something: in the latest 2.9 ecycles build, lights affect volumes only if they’re inside the bounding box. So basically if I add a cube with a volume scatter material, as long as the light is positioned outside of the cube it won’t affect the lighting of the volume at all. Sun lights never work.

This is not a behavior that happens in the ecycles 2.82 for example. I still didn’t test the 2.9 official build, so I don’t know if it happens there as well.

Is this expected, anyone else experience this? Or did the workflow change and I am doing something wrong?


EDIT: seems to be the case also in the 2.9 official buildbot… Is it a known problem?

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Hi! What is the email to contact you Mathieu? I’m sorry I haven’t find it

If you received an email from him when you bought e-cycles use that one. If there is a documentation link above look on pg 3 of it for setting tdr values. It might recommend a higher value.

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I think it’s a known problem in Blender 2.83+ since the rework of volume code, but it’s always good to post your report if unsure. Some bugs may be different while giving similar output. If the devs notice it’s a duplicate, they merge it and it shows a lot of people are hving the problem = it should be higher priority. Developer.blender.org it is for Blender bugs.

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