E-Cycles 2021 - 2.92 available with very fast rendered viewport, real time light setup and more!

no no dont hurt yourself doing that, we can wait and you coding time is better spend elsewere, but could you please be more precise in your naming convention? its quite hard to figure out what’s build is on date and what build is not, what build have the bug and what buil have not? its not the first time im confuse about all thoses different builds.

this 1y in advance features buisness model is great really…

But its clear that we need also to find another type of system for every freelance dev

I tried " Release_multi_gpu_fast_AIdenoising_3 "

It renders SUPER FAST with my render farm.(P106 x6)
E-CYCLE P106 x6 1:02
E-CYCLE GTX1070 1x 0:29
E-CYCLE MULTI GPU P106 x6 0:10

It doesn’t mean that you can render complex scene with your multi GPU render farm, because you can render super fast BMW scene with multi GPU.

Multi GPU bug has been there for months but I couldn’t notice it because BMW scene rendered at 1/3 time.

But Machin tools addon doesn’t work on the multi gpu patched build, and editing & saving doesn’t work… etc. Anyway it’s patched and renders fast.

I’m sure you can get some benefit from E-cycle.

And level 3 denoiser can boost render quality pretty much, it require huge memory like 40GB for 4K image. (if you don’t have enough ram, blender crash)
Mathieu working on optimizing composition and I hope I can save budget for another 32GB ram.


I choosed to offer a product based on a very an alpha version of Blender, I want to assume it. So there is a new version for multi GPU setups, with the latest Blender 2.8 :slight_smile: I also renamed the builds to make it clearer which are beta and which one include the fix for multi-GPU denoising.

Regarding Freelancer coder, I agree a better system would help get more people to contribute seriously.

thanks !

i was thinking of a bounty hunting system, users would drive money into a crown funder idea and the dev that do the job correctly get the bounty

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Good to know it also work on mining cards. Together with E-Cycles, and if I’m correct about the price of hardware (149€ per mining card here), you got a render farm for less than 1000 bucks :smiley:
Your P-106 at 149€ with E-Cycles renders 3 sec faster as the 2080Ti with vanilla Cycles.

BMW rendering took actually like 13~14 seconds because renderfarm has 14 seconds of preloading with 4GB ram and running Remote desktop and recording program.
It’s much much faster than any card in retail market.

In South Korea, There were so many greedy people tried mining and gone bankrupt(you know how bitcoin price has dropped), mining cards are very cheap. Even cheaper than taobao and aliexpress.

First of all, heat sink and fans smelled horrible so I disassemble all of them and washed all the dirties out.

Small heat sink also cleaned.

Pro use silicon heat spreader.

Fans and blades washed. Be sure water doesn’t go into the fan core.

This seams like an typical mining machine. Because it was :smiley:
This pc connects to the WIFI router and controlled by Remote desktop in windows10.
I wouldn’t place this in my room because the fans makes loud air flowing noise.

I also succeeded to play Overwatch with p106.

If someone got interested in building a render farm I can provide parts. If you want them cleaned and tested, I can help you either.


what kinf of pci-e is this ? do you feel the difference going from x16 to x4 ? in term of viewport reactivity and pre rendering times ?

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It’s called riser card.
PCIe 1x bus speed is enough for image rendering. Because GPU doesn’t need wide bandwidth with CPU while rendering. GPU calculates light ray and composite small tiles of image and send it to blender.
I tried playing overwatch with PCIe 1x, the frame rate was around 23 fps.
It’s too narrow to play real time game.
But 1080p 23fps is much more than you need rendering in Blender :smiley:
Building this gear was kinda gamble for a poor designer, but it worth trying.
In the age NVIDIA main stream graphic cards are getting more expensive.

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so the time to transfer for example 8gb of texture to the gpu is not a handicap ?

PCI Express 3.0 1x has 960MB/S BANDWIDTH

PCIe 3.0 x16 HAS 15,760MB/s

But it doesn’t bottleneck much for few GBs of texture. few seconds at maximum.
Think about your total scene size


The 2.79x version is now also available for mac and will be available like the other year option for half the price on Thursday during #GumroadDay.
Windows, Mac and Linux are now supported for both 2.79x and 2.8x.

The 2.79 for Windows will be half the price as well?

Yes, 2.79 too will be half price.

Does E-Cycles have any known limitation compared to Cycles?

Nope, it is just awesome.

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Everything that work in Cycles work indeed in E-Cycles.

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updated for Gumroadday


Ok, but I am not sure what is the difference between 2.7x and 2.8x e-cycles.
Does 2.8x version have all features of 2.7x?
Can the example video be done (up to 15x speedup) with 2.8x version or it lacks Intel AI denoiser or other important feature?
Is 2.8x multi cuda gpu ready?

Discount is so small. Is it really 50%?

Yep, it works now, it is all EST time.