E-Cycles 2021 - 2.92 available with very fast rendered viewport, real time light setup and more!

It’s already in the new builds of E-Cycles 2.92.

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New builds of E-Cycles 2.91 and 2.92 with:

  • E-Cycles light groups add-on now works with compositor node trees created by Pro Lightning Skies
  • Denoising quality for final rendering with was improved in some scenarios
  • Viewport rendering speed was improved a lot in some scenarios
  • clay rendering was improved a lot and now will keep mirrors, glass, etc. as is by default.
  • includes all the latest improvements from upstream 2.92 and 2.91.

Happy rendering!


Cool that you integrated specular surfaces for Clay Rendering. That is such a nice feature for archviz!

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Hi Where is the right place to ask something about a scene using ecycles?

If the scene can be public, you can ask here and maybe someone can help, otherwise when the support is back in 2 and a half weeks, you can email/message me on the blender Market or Gumroad (answer any mail from Gumroad about E-Cycles).

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The scene is constantly crashing, but I can not share due to NDA .
How do I check my version of Ecycles in 2.90.1 ? I would like to know if there is any update on that specific version in respect to the one I have. Thank you

I think you can verify it by a date: each build has a date within the archive name.

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I’m currently writing an addon that automates some rendering processes with cycles but have been told of some bugs that appear in the E-cycles version of Blender. It’s not clear whether E-cycles is the cause of these problems, but as I haven’t purchased it, I was wondering if there are any big changes to the rendering settings or the like that could impact an addon accessing them in python?

Hi Andrew,
I automate a lot of render task to monitor E-Cycles performance on a regular basis. The command line options are 100% like in Blender and the exe name is the same. The python API of E-Cycles is also 100% compatible with the one of Blender. So any add-on/script working with Blender will be compatible with E-Cycles too.

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Ok, great, thanks for your help!

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New builds of E-Cycles 2.91 and 2.92 are up (30% off until tomorrow)!

  • updated both builds with the latest improvements and fixes from upstream.

Made with E-Cycles over the last 2 weeks:

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Hi Mathieu,

If I buy the RTX 3090 I’ll use the 3090 and 2080Ti together.

What I’m curious about
How is Vram used in this case?

Will it fit into the 3090’s 24GB?
Or will it fit into 11GB of the 2080Ti?
Or is the 2080Ti only used up to 11GB? While 3090 is working

Thank you.

I believe only NVLink connected GPUs can add VRAM together. In other words, you are limited to the amount of VRAM of the smaller GPU, so 11GB if both GPUs are enabled. It is my understanding that all GPU renderers work this way, since generally the scene is fully loaded into each GPU. You can always disable your 2080Ti if you need full 24GB…

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Hasn’t Nvidia said that the drivers support using system memory in addition to GPU memory, albeit at a slower speed? I’ve never found Blender to be able to use above the physical GPU memory. Does it take special support because it sure would be nice if this were true:



Oh, that is news to me. This must be something kinda new, right?.. Hmmm… I will need to look into this when I get a chance…

I think this may just be Microsoft being dumb and mixing the GPU’s VRAM with address space reserved for the GPU, not actual memory available for use by the GPU. :frowning:

Thank you Norka

I wasn’t sure because other renderers in 3Ds Max display lower VRAM, but Blender displays higher VRAM.

Then I have to sell 2080 Ti at a shit price. :joy:

Don’t sell anything yet, for shit prices or otherwise, until others chime in on this. Obviously me and obsurveyor are not authorities on this matter.

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@Hyesung Yes, don’t make decisions based on something I may have misread.

Nvidia has confusing names for the different types of CUDA memory(virtual, shared and global) and it’s possible, along with Windows’ poor enumeration of GPU memory, that the feature just doesn’t exist and is a confabulation. It would be super nice though. :slight_smile:

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@obsurveyor @norka
Many thanks, guys :slight_smile: