E-Cycles 2021 - Professional Render engine, 100% compatible with Cycles

Well, $49 for that speedup isn’t something to scoff at. In particular with the current graphics cards drought.

Thanks for testing.

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Seems that for now it only supports Windows. :frowning:

I have a questiton, if somebody buys some of my interior or exterior scenes, is blender market allowing them to use the renders of my products for their own products?

It depends on the license I believe…

If it is under royalty free the purchaser can use it for personal, educational, or commercial purposes as long as those purposes are not:

  • Reselling, redistributing, or repackaging the purchased product without explicit permission from the original author.
  • Using the purchased product in a logo, watermark, or trademark of any kind.


  • Shaders, materials, and textures are exempt from the rule. Those products are the same as colors, and are a secondary meaning and may be used as part of a logo, watermark, or trademark.

Hopefully this helps,

Source: Blender Market License Tab

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@bliblubli Can you compare for us both 2.92 and 2.93 build differences? Whats changed?

I hoped I would finally get real competition from an open source developer, sadly it’s just one of my former course student who took the course I made 2 years ago and he just slightly changed the default values of the patch given in the course to make better benchmark results (I can do it easily too, but image quality will suffer of course).

He thought Eevee was better than Cycles and spread that Idea for years, then told as much he could that E-Cycles had bad image quality (you can watch the E-Cycles gallery to see how good you find his opinion):

to finally use scrambling distance in his build with even harder settings to push render times further…

He is good in marketing with his affiliate and even managed to let some skilled creators here think he came up with an original product. At least he showed their is interest in simple builds with no real new features.

So I could make a version of E-Cycles with none of the new features, just basically E-Cycles from 2 and a half years ago for $39 as it takes little time to manage a build like that. At least it would have proven image quality and I could add a slider to get 4x faster render times for people wanting good render times and not caring about quality much.

$500 seriously? And ran out while you can still use it? Why do you feel the need to spread false information?

For now, 2.93 builds have mostly changes from the Blender side. The new features are still getting polished :slight_smile:

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You’re absolutely right mathieu, I was wrong to say around $500. Sorry for spreading misinformation.

My name Eric Klein and I am the developer of K-Cycles. I am professional developer in graphics for many years and took mathieu course over 2 years to learn about coding in the Blender environment and have recommended it. This course used the Lukas Stockner patch on scrambling distance from the blender foundation and optimize utilization for Cuda.

The key to performance in both in E-Cycles and K-Cycles is using scrambling distance patch with high GPU optimizations. That is it. We can say that E-Cycles RTX is using Lukas Stockner patch on scrambling distance from Blender Foundation for the performance improvements. Easy to test just set noise level or scrambling distance to 1.0 and see how performance is reduce.

K-Cycles is not the code from the course. The old course only cover Cuda no Optix or RTX. I don’t think is usable now since the Blender master has change so much. K-Cycles does use scrambling distance, but that is based on Lukas Stockner patch which the course and E-Cycles RTX also use. The optimization for high GPU utilization in Optix are different K-Cycles RTX needs large tiles and E-Cycles RTX uses regular size.

I have been doing my custom build for couple of years already and describe in detail in my post from a couple of months ago see 2x faster with scrambling distance and high gpu utilization.

The basic scrambling distance and cuda/optix optimization are available now for free at Graphicall. Search for the Bone-Studio build. He has repository and thanks to Juan Gea Rodiguez for offering this build to the community.

I had hope that Blender Foundation would do some of this optimization, but it does not look like is going to happen in near future. I decided to make available my custom RTX build to the community at an affordable price. After doing polishing and adding some new features including a fast viewport and beta testing for a month I release K-Cycles. I does take a bit work to maintain multiple builds, to constantly adjust the code because the blender master is changing, release updates and customer support. I will be adding more unique features over time.

I have no issue with mathieu if he wants to release E-Cycles RTX an affordable price it is currently $300, since my benchmark comparisons were done using Optix and E-Cycles RTX. These benchmarks are fair using identical scrambling distance value, render samples and default settings.


Hi Eric,
I hope you understand that proposing such low price for a rendering engine is bad for the blender community entrepreneurship.

Because of such moves, we are less likely to see external Render engines such as V-ray or Redshift or other rendering technology made by external entrepreneurs/company ever coming to blender.

i think that Mathieu pricings are honest, if you compare with Octane for example, which is way more expensive/restrictive liscences with slower performances. Same for other famous rendering engine, V-ray and Redshift cost more and are both slower than Mathieu’s work.



In any case, prices are relative. In many countries US $ 50 can mean a month’s salary for some people.


You can’t expect the whole CG industry to align to third world countries pricing. This argument is just misleading. (+ i believe Piracy or local price reduction is here for this exact purpose.)
I know that the pricing of creations related to blender are always a difficult subject to talk about due to ideology differences, but just as reference:

redshift cost 500-to 900$ yearly

vray can cost up to 1000$ dollar

Octane is 700$ yearly

In my humble opinion, 50$ for a useful render engine would be just like proposing your service as a senior 3D modeler for 3$/hour. it’s just bad for everyone. (+ that’s not even taking the coming inflation into consideration. it’s coming to hit us hard in the near future i believe, anyway i rambling here…)
Of course, the fact that these products are forks are still need to be taken into consideration. (You will note that octane also proposes forks.)


In the case of Cycles mods, a render engine developed by the vendor is not being sold here. From the point of view of meritocracy, it doesn’t seem like a fair comparison.


How we can compare E-Cycles price which is 300$ when:

  • Corona Renderer: 300€ per year or 25€ for educational (can be used commercial!)
  • Octane: 200€ per year or free Prime version (can be used commercial)
  • FStorm: 240$ per year
  • Cycles from Bone-Studio: free

… and when we compare those renderers with their features to price I don’t think that K-Cycles is “killing the blender community entrepreneurship” when E-Cycles price is too high for it’s own delivered features, honestly. It’s not a new, commercial, made from scratch renderer, it’s a fork with patches from others and own work like optimizations and some cheats (like presets with lower bounces). Sobol patches, Scramble Distance, Light linking etc. those were L. Stockner volunteer work, made for community, for free. I’m not here to be a spokesman for Lukas or anyone else (as I remember Lukas said it’s ok for him that someone used those unfinished patches).
Sorry for being maybe offensive or toxic but waiting for new patches from open source community, implemetning them to the own fork and selling it - how can we call it? Maybe it’s an entrepreneurship, there’s work made by author. But for me it’s unfair especially when we know context - where someone promised to contribute to Cycles after a year and didn’t deliver. I’m not denying work done before and actual done patches for own product.
I would pay money to Blender Foundation like Blender Market, HardOpS or Poliigon and etc. than buy a fork.


This is ridiculous.
You can’t compare E-Cycles and K-Cycles to these render engines (engine creators, companies with multiple employees not just developers, and with different operating costs). E/K-Cycles guys selling just tweaks to rendering engine called Cycles which is free and created by BI.


We can’t see any commercial plugins because of GPL license - those are words from Allegorithmic and Chaos Czech. Chaos is actually making a V-Ray for Blender with using a bridge/new way. Besides, there’s Octane and Redshift and actually Chaos Czech is working for standalone version which should be better for making bridge tool between Blender and Corona. There’s not any other addons like FumeFX, RayFire or Forest Pack (220€ per year) not because Scatter price is 95$ - it’s because of GPL and other reasons like bigger archviz community around 3ds Max. I’m not saying that GPL is bad - it’s great but not for commercial addons :wink:


And that was for 2 years? I never sold a $549 version for one year.

I’m not even bothering to reply to this beyond pointing out how flawed and ridiculous this argumentation is. Completely unnecessary.

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E-Cycles 2x speed-up is now free ($1 as the Blender Market allows) with the presets and quick settings included.