E-Cycles 2021 - Professional Render engine, 100% compatible with Cycles

As someone asked here how to quickly preview light setups in Cycles, I had a try in E-Cycles to see. Here with 25 lamps:

And here when duplicating a row for 33 lamps:

So it’s fast, it allows to stay in the same engine and have the same unit for all lamps.

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Hi there!

I’m trying to use e-cycles on Arch and many of the required shared libraries are outdated. So far I’ve detected that required boost is 1.65.1 but the current version in the Arch repo is 1.69. Same issue with jemalloc.

Was wondering if it’s possible to provide the source to compile on my own system? Or at least a build for Arch in particular.



Hi there :slight_smile:
their is a static build available also, just it doesn’t has the new AI denoiser as it’s not working statically yet. I’m working on a fix myself as Intel seems to take time. I hope to have something tonight.
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Thanks for the suggestion. OBSStudio now support NVEnc and it’s very fast. It stills make rendering about 10% slower, but it’s acceptable compared to the overall speedup E-Cycles brings.

Original noisy render

nvidia optix denoiser from dnoise

inter open ai denoiser

dnoise lose a lot of informations compare to the intel denoiser

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Did you use level 3 ?

Hi @bliblubli

I buyed today the subsctiption for the blender 2.8 E Cycles.
I have to make an animation and I hope that this could help me a lot.
The problem is that for 2.8 Im not finding the right info to configuerate it. evean the only option to denoise i have is on the compositor with the denoiser node.
Can help me to find the way to set it to a good perfomance per freame please.

Thank you,

nope didnt have the option

bad news, up there is ay that the last version of e-cycles got me 3x up speed, this was an error

cycles 1x 2080ti —> 18:55 —> = 1x speed
cycles 2x 2080ti —> 9:07 —> = 2x speed ratio

e-cycles 1x 2080ti —> 10:39 —> = 1.7x speed up! good !
e-cycles 2x 2080ti —> 5:01 —> = 2x speed ratio

visibly theres is two version on the march update

V2019 was 10:38 for the double 2080ti benchamrk

from 19min to 10min ! Basically E-cycles for 10e a month gave me a brand new virtual 1200e gpu for free

Files to reproduce are always good. The test version should actually be faster, so over the 1.7x ratio, so there is something to investigate definitely.

Hi Pato,

welcome on board :slight_smile: Which OS do you have? You have to activate the addon “AI denoise” to be able to use it. There is also a tutorial to show which option are the most effective. In most cases, you can already get the base 1.7 to 2.6x speedup out of the box, just by rendering the file as is.
Let me know if I can help you, we can also speak about specific files in PM.

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You have to activate the addon to have the option at the bottom of the render panel. All user reports until now show the Intel denoiser is much superior at level 3 than any other denoiser. I’ll add it to the tutorial as it seems to be required :slight_smile:

Hi Mat

Thanks for your response!
I have activated the AI as you told me and its working! and yes it seems to have better result.
To get the base from 1.7 you mean to copy the parameters? In some cases its quite hard as the options are some times quite different. And I cant go back to 1.7 as not everything is compatible with 2.8 or at least i tried before today with super bad results to open the file in 1.7
Im still work in the file with assets and textures, but trying to to set the camera paths and so. So ill keep in touch to see how its going and for sure asking for your help if you can.


I bought it today and rendered 3 of my interiors. On average, it’s about 2x that fast. It is really satisfying to see this speed when rendering. Whether it is worthwhile for hobby, everyone must know for themselves. Looks like the potential of Cycles is pretty high.
I have one GTX 1080


This plugin truly is magic and I hope more and more people continue to support it and help make blender into a rendering powerhouse!


I’m happy to hear the denoiser now works properly.
Now I realize that the version number and the speedup are written the same way. With 1.7x to 2.6x I mean you can render 1,7 to 2,6 images in the same time master only rendered 1 image just by opening your file in E-Cycles and rendering (if you follow the tutorial, you can have greater speedup like 15x faster in the tutorial case).
I will use , instead of . in the future to make it clearer :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,
if you want to get even more than the 2x speedup, you can have a look to the tutorial on the product page. It shows different options that can bring even more speed (15x faster in this case) and it’s also made on an interior scene. I’m sure a good part of what is done in the tutorial can be applied to your scene :slight_smile:

hey, the new version of 2.8 is 5-20% faster and have a more reactive viewport, also use cude 10.1
are you gonna release the update of e-cycles this month or next month, on april release ?

Updates comes weekly as usual. I’m already using cuda 10.1 since 2 releases. The 5-20% speedup of master came out as the build were already in test phase. I’m on it and already got my test renders from 22sec down to 20sec. But some scene also are significantly slower (in master too), so I yet have to find a good way to integrate it to only have benefits.

For feature update, most of the time they come on the 1st of the month, but this month there was already 3 bonus feature updates.

The quick changelog:

  • Both the 2.8x and 2.79x versions now have the AI denoiser addon to make it easy to get the best result from the denoising node.
  • The Quick Settings panel is in 2.8 now, exactly like in the tutorial. It brings all the speedup settings in one place, easily accessible.
  • Progressive rendering got a very nice speedup from 7min19 in master to 1min10 in E-Cycles for a user scene