E-Cycles 2021 - Professional Render engine, 100% compatible with Cycles

I looked to see if I could download v20200318. It is not available for download. Can it be made available? Is that the rtx version or just E-Cycles? Thanks

Thanks, @bkjernisted
It’s jut E-Cycles. I could share the zip with v20200318 but I guess we need to see if @bliblubli is OK with that. Mathieu?

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I will send mathieu an email and see if he can make it available. Thanks phoe-nix-art.


I don’t know if it has been pointed out before but using the normal node is causing my material to be completly black. It happens with 2.83 and 2.90 but no problems on 2.82a.

@bliblubli Subsurface Scattering is broken for me with CUDA GPU on the latest build (E_cycles_2.90_v20200416_win). It works fine with CPU, CUDA with just CPU, and OptiX. It’s working with CUDA GPU on the latest official 2.90 nightly.

@phoe-nix-art @BloQi @mag.py thanks for the reports, but it’s actually better for me if you do those per mail with:

  • your CPU and GPU model,
  • OS and driver version
  • the exact E-Cycles version you used.

The Blender Foundation with a lot more developers only accept bugs reported on it’s official report channel too. I already have 2 platforms with different system and in the current situation, I prefer to invest time to make E-Cycles better. It’s easier for me to follow mail threads and you also get faster reply and fixes :slight_smile:

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@johannes.wilde rendered a scenes with very hard light path in 52 seconds using E-Cycles RTX.


Hey Mathieu,

which build should be used atm for production?
Which one is the most fast/stable?

I am on win10 with 2x1080ti, I9-7940x CPU/ Nvidia DRV 436.15

edit: And how does the experimental ai-viewport denoiser work?

I got the standard cuda e-cycles version.
Using: E_cycles_2.90_v20200421_win Build
When i enable it, it tooks about a minute to start rendering in the viewport and then when start rendering, the whole viewport gots white after 2 seconds of rendering…?
(I enabled both 1080ti and cpu under pref.)
cheers dave

I also use two 1080ti and I’ve been able to test the view-port de-noiser.
I had to switch to OptiX in the preferences

Then, if you use the OptiX AI for the view-port, the first time you switch to view-port shading you have to wait for the kernels to load


After a while, you should get the OptiX view-port running.

Thanks for the infos, but doesnt work for me using: E_cycles_2.90_v20200421_win Build. Switching to Optix doesnt change the behaviour.

Which build did you use?

For me it works with any of the latest release from E_cycles_2.83_v20200408_win to E_cycles_2.90_v20200421 though it didn’t work with the first release (can’t remember which version was that).

For me it works too. Maybe it’s specific to a scene. You can provide a link to a .blend per mail (Gumroad answer) or Blender Market messages. Please specify your OS, GPU, driver and E-Cycle version there too so that I can make the link.

It‘s commercial stuff that I cannot share, but will check if the problem depends on the scene.
Which builds are recommend for production work?

IES lights seems not working in latest E_cycles_2.83_v20200408_win and E_cycles_2.83_v20200331_win builds. When switching to CPU and enabling OSL seems OK. Official 2.82a build doesn’t have this problem.

It does not work. The behaviour is scene independent. Just the default scene with a cube and a plane. Cycles render device: optix

System: win10 with 2x1080ti/ I9-7940x CPU/ Nvidia
DRV 436.15

See here:

Which driver did you use?

Thanks for the report, it should be fixed in E-Cycles 2.90 v20200424.

Thanks for testing more. Again, it’s working for me and you are the only one reporting this behaviour. Can you try with today’s builds and factory settings reseted to defaults? Does it work in stable 2.82a for you?

E_cycles_2.82a_v20200312_win and resetting to defaults doesnt fixed it.
Now the rendering didn´t even start at all…

I will try a clean driver reinstallation now (436.15 again)

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E-Cycles 2.90 builds have been updated on Gumroad and the Blender Market (25% off).

  1. There are 2 new very fast profiles:
  • AO: as the name says, renders with AO. It’s the fastest one and actually real time in the viewport, vidéos coming soon.
  • Clay: renders like if your scene was made of clay, with lights and HDR to render with shadows. Still extremly fast, perfect for setting up the lightning and inspect modeling details.
  1. A lot of polishing work was done:
  • SSS is working again properly with CUDA
  • adaptive sampling is now much faster with OptiX
  • normal nodes and IES lights are also working again in 2.90.

Known bugs in current builds: Debian 9 is not working currently. Debian 10 and all other tested distros work.

E-Cycles 2.82a is very stable and still has no known bugs since over a month!

I’m working on new experiments too like fast caustics:

Made with E-Cycles this week:

  • A nice swimming pool with Susanne:
  • An impressive viewport rendering session by @johannes.wilde with very complexe lightning (very small opening, lots of reflections, etc.) using the latest E-Cycles 2.90 optimizations

Again @Luan3dr doing awesome renders:

Someone even tried E-Cycles on an old laptop with a GT 930MX and got impressive results:

And @EntityDesigner has made a gorgeous interior ( available on the Blender Market if you want):

I hear a lot of feedback of people telling me they were very sceptical first, then very impressed. Ridley was one of the most sceptical, yet here is his final thought:

Some hours left to get E-Cycles with 25% off during the Blender Market sales.