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Since I bought E-Cycles 12 days ago Im still waiting for Linux 2.82a version to work. This is starting to be not funny. :expressionless:

It’s in the known bug: Debian 9 is not working and as said, a fix is under way.

Ok, I will wait. But consider that before buying I informed you about my OS, and you did not mentioned that Debian 9 and E-Cycles wont work.

Because you are the first one to report it. I think 2 weeks to fix a bug is still ok in covid time, even more when it requires to make a complete new build system for a single user, which I’m doing, but as I said, I’m also ok to refund you if you want.

Edit: actually, I double checked, I know about this bug with a proper bug report since not even a week.

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There is no need for a refund.

Lets stop this:

I understand about COVID-19 situation. And I assume it. Perhaps 15 days is a normal period of days to solve a bug. I dont know.

If you have to develop an environment just for fix the Debian 9 error and just for me, please stop. I understand its time and resources consumming for just one user.

I will try to use other versions (hope some one work in Debian 9). If not, I will have to migrate to Windows.

Issue end. No more bad feedback abot E-Cycles. I will try to find a solution with other versions or Os´s.



I dont know what more can i do solve this.
I reinstalled the graphics driver 436.15 but nothing changed. I choosed clean new install.
I also deleted/renamed the custom settings under:
C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender

-Sometimes E_cycles_2.82a_v20200312_win shows “cancel” in the viewport sometimes nothing visible happends but blender needs to be restarted to work on.
-E_cycles_2.90_v20200421_win and E_cycles_2.90_v20200424_win are still just showing the washed out full white phenomenon.

If there is something more i can do, please let me know.

BTW: Standard rendering works flawless

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Now that I spend 2 days on it :slight_smile: And I’m happy to make my users happy. So I’ll continue this fight against Linux libs hell.
PS: If you can easily switch to Debian 10 or something else, I’m still ok :wink:

I would need an access to your computer to say what to do ideally. But I also had a hard time to get NVLink working last week so this may help:
Even clean install of the driver was not showing SLI in the control panel for me. The bios, etc. everything was ok. The internet is full of such reports, but rarely have a solution. The only thing that helped was to completly clean the driver in safe mode with DDU. I downloaded it, unpacked on desktop, pressed F8 on startup to start windows in safe mode, started DDU, selected “GPU”, “clean and reboot”, then rebooted in normal mode and installed the 436.15 driver in custom mode without geforce experience. Now everything works like a charm. Otherwise, NVidia has a chat too.

No problem. I’ve encounter this during my everyday routine work. Please try to make it work also in v2.83 builds, since 2.9 builds are more or less experimental :wink:

A render by JLE Studios with E-Cycles and with Photogrametry. Their work is really impressive:


Ok, the denoise viewport feature is a nice to have one but not that important for my worklflow and it looks like its very experimental atm. At least on GTX.
I will check on a different workstation nxt week.

Does it work better with the RTX 2080ti?

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Actually, in the current state, appart from undo and simulation nodes, 2.90 is pretty much like 2.83. So I think it’s good to use 2.90 as it has all the 2.83 fixes too.

v 2.83 and 2.9 will be separate options from blender for a quite good time it’s good to keep them both covered :wink:

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I’m using it daily on the 2080Ti, so yes, as other users reported it works very well. Just to be sure, I just tested on a computer with a 1080Ti and the latest 445 driver and I can reproduce your issue! I’ll investigate further.

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The rule until now was to have stable builds based on latest stable Blender (2.82a) and weekly builds based on master (2.90 currently). I could make a week with 2.83 and a week with 2.90 if enough people ask for it? Just give this comment a like if you agree with this proposition.


Fair enough.

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This is the E-Cycles viewport on a 2080Ti:

edit: see this comment for a fix for the 1080Ti.


I just tried a bunch of driver version and NVidia made a new one 445.85 which is working again with the 1080Ti for me. Is it working for you too?

Edit: also in c:\users\youruser\appdata\local\nvidia\OptiXcache you can find all the cached kernels compiled by the drivers. If you clean it, it will force a recompilation of your denoising kernel and may help fix your issue. It also quickly becomes huge, so it’s good to delete it regularily anyway :slight_smile:


I cant find this version

Can you provide a link?
edit: sry found it already

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was 445.87: for Windows 10 https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/159420/en-us
For Windows 7: https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/159418/en-us

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