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I don’t know if you look at feature requests, but I do have one when comparing E-cycles with octane: the baking camera.
Last weeks I worked both with the latest free Octane for Blender and of course E-cycles. I recently bought a RTX 3090 and from my (maybe subjective) view, E-cycles is way smoother in the viewport and faster in rendering (I did not do a side by side comparison, that is not my point of this post); also less noisy (but could be settings).
However, the main reason for me still wanting to use Octane is the baking camera. And especially the feature “use baking position”. I render for game development and I know you are not supposed to try bake reflections and transparency effects, but Octane sure does a good job at that. If you use the “use baking position”, Octane bakes a texture from the camera position and not from a fixed point just above any surface, like Cycles does. Is this something you could add to E-cycles? That you can preview a bake in Octane in the viewport is also special, but is for me more a bonus feature.
I think this post is an old discussion on adding this to Cycles and why they did not do it, but the need still stands for me and others. I think for a short time this was even added to Cycles and removed again.

So saying I charge $549 for one year was a true story for you?

I’m not charging anyone. I offer options, user choose. I never offer alpha products alone on the Blender Market. If you are happy to get an alpha product only which will crash for 5 months (most of the time the first stable release of Blender in a year is around late February/early March with fix release), I always offer the pre-orders of the next year alone on Gumroad.

Which one (exact link)?

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Hey Dave,

Sorry about that one, I’ll look into it today!

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I was thinking about it since some months too. Will look into it next week!

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Hi Flup,

thanks for the suggestion. Asking for copies of a feature can actually lead to issues. This is why the Blender Foundation also ask to only give pure Ideas.

Best is to say what your problem is and some own thoughts about how to solve it.
So your main missing feature is that you would like to bake angle-dependent light information if I understand correctly?

New builds of E-Cycles are up!

  • 2.93 builds updated with the latest Blender 2.93 improvements
  • Premium versions now also support Linux

A feature comparison table was also added to the product page (“Which version is the best for me” section) for an easier overview.


@johannes.wilde made a really elegant and good looking caustic shader (and compatible with vanilla Cycles!). He also made a really nice use of the new physical glare mode of E-Cycles!


Yes, indeed bake reflections and transmission/refraction which are angle dependent. The game engine I render for is not good at that. The current “use baking position” from Octane can do this.

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Hi. Ecycles keeps crashing on me …

This is the error I get in the system console:

CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS in cuStreamSynchronize(cuda_stream[thread_index]) (device_optix.cpp:886)

Refer to the Cycles GPU rendering documentation for possible solutions:

This is the viewport:

Hi Bruno,
I guess you are on Windows 10? If so, you can simply disable/set a higher value for their TDR feature as shown in the installation video tutorial. If you did setup TDR properly, then you can send a .blend file to reproduce.

Brecht just added Persistent data to Blender :slight_smile:

E-Cycles premium builds for Linux got an update to support OptiX rendering!

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I will check the installation tutorial. Thank you

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I’m having the same issue, too
This error also appears in vanilla Blender, and the versions I checked are 2.92 and 2.93.

Giving more than 400 TdrDelay won’t solve this error.

These are situations in which this error is reproduced.

  1. Delete or change objects in during viewport render.
  2. Ray Visibility changes in during viewport render.

I’m using RTX 3090 and the latest Nvidia studio driver.
I guess I encountered this error when I used 2080Ti too.

This issue seems to have already been reported to Blender Foundation, but it seems that it has not been resolved.

I guess it’s a problem with the latest Nvidia driver, but it needs testing.

Or is there still no solution yet?

Is it possible to install my E-Cycles RTX license on iRender and run on their 6x rtx 3090 node? Anyone have experience doing this?

Hi Hyesung,

those CUDA errors are only in 2.93 and due to the new code by Kevin to only redo the export step for modified objects. 2.92 should work as expected here. If you can reproduce a bug like that in 2.92, you are welcome to make a bug report.

CUDA nearly always says error illegal adress which leads users to think they speak about the same issue, while 100s of different issue can cause the same error. The main error Windows users get is still the TDR feature being too sensible.

The new persistent data patch also is really cool, but like all new features is buggy. Currently, hairs will disappear on second render for example if the option is on. The Blender Foundation with Kevin’s and Brecht’s is doing good steps forward, it just needs a bit of time to stabilize. In the mean time, I recommend to use 2.92 for serious work :slight_smile:

Hi George,

you can use E-Cycles on render farms, but performance on farms with a lot of GPUs will be poor. The versions sold on both Gumroad and the Blender Market are optimized for normal PC/Workstations. For render farms or studios doing there render job in house, there are separate versions with near perfect linear scale up. Pricing depends on the project and studio/render farm size.

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E-Cycles is planned to be at 99€/199€ instead of 149€/299€ during the #GumroadDay or 25% off with the Blender Market Spring sales!

Hi Mathieu,
do you have any EC benchmarks concerning the new mobile rtx 3080-16GB Ram (165 Watts) cards?

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You’re right, I noticed all of these CUDA errors seem to all come from different causes.

Anyway, my viewport render issue(device_optix.cpp:816) seems to be OK in 2.91.2.

This is a Blender’s bug, not an E-Cycles, so I know I shouldn’t complain here. But thank you for your kind help every time. :slight_smile:


I know one user has it, so I’ll ask if he can provide any render times!