E-Cycles 2021 - Professional Render engine, 100% compatible with Cycles

Hi Dave,

so your feature request to have the name of the blend file in the command line render process is implemented in the latest 2.93 builds from today :slight_smile:

Happy rendering!


Thank you

I can see the discount on Blender Market but nothing so far on Gumroad. How about you guys?

You can get E-Cycles 2021 at 99€ instead of 149€ or E-Cycles RTX 2021 at 199€ instead of 299€ today, during the GumroadDay on 7th of April (East Time)!

Hi. I am trying to use the Ecycles denoiser with a transparent background.
Probably someone already asked this…could not find it in the thread.

When I render the and the denoiser processes the image…the transparent background brings some kind of gradient …I am sure there is something I need to activate.

If you could guide me on where to check to avoid the transparent background being corrupted.

Thank you

Hi Bruno,

it’s probably a bug in Blender. For transparency, E-Cycles just uses the compositor code like Blender. To check, you can save the file (after adding the AI-Denoiser tree with “create” if not already so) and render it in Blender. If the background is also corrupt there, then you can report the bug on developer.blender.org. If it’s as you want in Blender, then you can send the file to me so that I can have a look (answer your Gumroad confirmation mail or click on “ask a question” button in the right panel of the E-Cycles page on the Blender Market).

Thank you . I will send it when I have some time.

Now I can not save my renders…its says " permission denied " …is that also a blender or Ecycles issue?

Permission issue are always an OS thing. Blender and E-Cycles don’t manage permissions themselves. Please ensure you want to save in a directory you are allowed to write to.

A wip version of the new documentation is available now!
It already includes:

  • advanced techniques and tips on how to push the performance and denoising quality even further
  • how to use light groups in the viewport
  • and more.

Render done by Artur Szóstakowski with E-Cycles and Vegetation!

You can get E-cycles and many great add-ons with 25% off during the Spring Sales on the Blender Market!


Nice, thx!

There are some new clevo dtr around the corner :slight_smile:

(I’m not affiliated with them, but a satisfied customer since about 2012)

Distant World 2 main animation on Steam was done by Tim Barton with E-Cycles!

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Ok I bought 2021 RTX version. Looks great so far. I’m just wondering if the baking is working? Because it gives me black texture. But it works normally in standard cycles. Should I use some other version?

Anyone using E-Cycles with MacOS and AMD card?
I wonder if it’s worth $74.25 since it has all features but the base speed-up?

Hi Siniša,
baking is available in the CUDA builds only to provide optimal performance (Blender also uses CUDA silently).

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AMD cards on Mac are not supported anymore, CPU rendering will be supported.

The base speed-up is indeed only for CUDA and due to lack of modern OpenGL on Macs, light groups are also limited to the compositor version. Still a big improvement for lightning workflows.

All other features like the speed-up offered by the AI-Denoiser (4x to 10x less samples required for stills = 4x to 10x faster rendering on CPU too), faster workflow, presets, lightgroups, AO and clay, etc. will work on Mac with CPU.

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Hi, Mr. @bliblubli:

After reading theese days about the affair of E-Cycles and K-Cycles (for me a sad affair) today I have renewed my suscription to E-Cycles.

Downloaded last 2.92 version and I have a problem with viewlayers:

It manages the “Hold Out” parameter erratically. I open the same file both in last E-cycles version and in Blender 2.92 and in Blender works perfectly but in E-cycles layer Hold Out does not work. Sometimes render incorrect elements in the viewlayer, other times diferent results…

Could you help with this? Thanks and keep your imppressive work.


I answer myself:

Its because of Persistent Datahttps://developer.blender.org/rB50782df42586a5a038cad11530714371edaa5cd4

I dont completly understand how it works in conjuntion with Viewlayers. But it is strange. Suppoused it is implemented in 2.93 Alpha, but it is present in 2.92 → We need a faster BVH build time - #55 by EAW

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Hello Mr. @dogdayfear ,

you’re welcome, thank you for the support! I’m happy you could find the root of the issue.

E-Cycles has persistent data since 2.9x and also had it in 2.79. Only 2.8 had issues in between due to bugs and design changes in Blender. The 2.92 version of Persistent data was limited to walk-through where only the camera is animated and should be only enabled when everything is ready for rendering as it will keep everything as is after activation.

The 2.93 version coming from Blender uses the new work by Kevin for fast viewport updates iirc and is thus more flexible, allowing incremental updates, but also very new, which can lead to issues. If you find any bug with it, you can report them on developer.blender.org.

E-Cycles 2.93 was updated!

  • fixed background rendering on Windows and Linux.
  • all 2.93 versions now include the new persistent data feature of Blender 2.93!
  • E-Cycles Lite for Linux is available.

3 days left to get 25% off on Pro!
Happy rendering!

Which version do I need a license for to run on iRender.net?