E-Cycles 2021 - Professional Render engine, 100% compatible with Cycles

I only offer render farm pricing per case. Starting price is $10K however, so it’s rather meant for big studios / render farms providers. iRender can contact me if they want (Blender Market page, “ask a question” button) and we can discuss offering E-Cycles for render farms (those are special build meant for optimal performance with high GPU count) to their customers.

Horizon by Wisnu Anggadipha, made with E-Cycles.

You can see more on his artstation page: https://artstation.com/phramenra

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E-Cycles Nebulae Edition (Windows and Linux) and E-Cycles 2.92 for Mac are now stable and have their own page!

The 2.92 Nebulae edition is based on a custom development by a studio which gave permission for wider use. It was improved a lot and can now render spaceships, planets and several other objects with same performance as before! It was used to fully render the main trailer of Distant Worlds 2:

The Mac version has support for CUDA, offering state of the art rendering performance for Mac users! Other features like light groups in the compositor, AI-Denoiser (up to 10x less samples required), fast AO and Clay with smart override and more can be used with CPU rendering too.

There is now a tutorial playlist available freely on Youtube!

Several of them also works with the $1 version of E-Cycles. More will come over time, including the latest ones with the new 2021 features. You can find the full playlist here:

The Pro version also has extra tutorials available in your downloads, I recommend to watch those if you haven’t yet!

Happy rendering!


Very nice interior by @odil24 made with E-Cycles:

You can see more of it in this thread.

Very detailed nature render by @Khanh_Nguy_n

Original thread

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Hi. I already asked about this and I got as an answer that this issue is related to Blender and not Ecycles. Still I think it is something about the combination in the compositor that makes this:

I do not know if someone else bumped into this. If you check on top of the composite screenshot you will find a stripe that suppose to be black or empty (no background) but after Ecycles denoise does its trick it becomes colored by a bloom or gradient on top of the frame. I tried this with different ecycles versions and computers…even projects, It is an issue that happens only with the ecycle denoiser…

Did anyone else got this when using ecycle denoiser and transparent backgrounds?

Thank you

If you paste a picture of what came out, maybe I can answer. I had the shell and used the cryptomate. But I don’t know if that’s the problem

I am very curious if something was done about it :slight_smile:

Alpha management in the compositor is done by Blender and E-Cycles in this regard is 100% like Blender. A new version of the AI-Denoiser is in the work with own alpha management. I think it’s still wise to report the bug to make Blender more stable and reliable.

I’ll have a look at it today :slight_smile:

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You can see in the screen shot the render gets a gradient from top to bottom…

The scene is here if you want to check:
ecyclesdenoiser.blend (1.1 MB)

Edit: I found the issue. It happens in the environment render layer. If I disconnect it …the bloom goes away.

I do not know if it is possible, but when the background is transparent I believe the denoise setup should change. Someone already suggested my the workaround with an alpha node.

Bruno_Suraski found the cause in another addon.

On the occasion of the new way of creating portals, I decided to make a hermetic test related to the number of photons that pass through windows with a large number of frames. I created a multiportal and one portal. I think the graphics explain a lot. I did the test out of curiosity about the effect of frames on light entering through portals. Thanks to the new feature, creating multi-portals is very simple. The test showed more light using the multiportal


Cycles X :

Test builds:
Windows: https://builder.blender.org/download/cycles-x/cycles-x-blender-3.0.0-1dea1d93d39a-windows64.zip
Linux: https://builder.blender.org/download/cycles-x/cycles-x-blender-3.0.0-1dea1d93d39a-linux64.tar.xz
Mac: https://builder.blender.org/download/cycles-x/cycles-x-blender-3.0.0-1dea1d93d39a-macOS.dmg


Hi, I compared CyclesX to E-Cycles with a few tests and E-Cycles is still faster with “Fast” settings.
I cant imagine if E-Cycles is setup on top of CyclesX and how fast is this.
I guess we can see it in 4-6 month, or so.

Cheers, mib


I get weird artifacts on the cube and the ground plane with the Fast preset.
How to get rid of them?
My GPU: GTX 1070

render issue.blend (910.6 KB)

Hi, disable Adaptive Sampling.
I have no idea why it happen, got worse with more samples.
May you report it to Mathieu in reply of a mail from Gumroad or on Marketplace.

Cheers, mib


Ok, I’ll do so.
Thank you for help :slight_smile:

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excellent. thanks for the test! Any differences in the quality between the 2 renders?

Hi, I guess you meant E-Cycles/CyclesX, you cant compare at moment.
CyclesX render does not look like vanilla Cycles, is seams darker, MIS is not working correctly and some files are simply not work.
I opened a thread “CyclesX” with more tests from other user and more information.
If you have questions ask in this thread please, I don´t want to fill up this thread with CyclesX posts, it is really more a technical preview actually.

Cheers, mib

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I’m happy the new portal creator is working great and helps reducing noise :slight_smile:

Sidenote: It also works with multi-object editing!