E-Cycles - 2x faster, 100% compatible with Cycles

I agree with ps8, also, think of it as a kind of backpack with new technology. Cycles gets developed by many different developers and E-Cycles is uniting all the latest and greatest stuff to it.

Hi Pato,
yes, the price of E-Cycles standard is deduced when you upgrade to RTX.
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Is there light mix in E-Cycles now? Similar to Corona, V-Ray or Maxwell? Thanks

Since last year yes. It’s available in the layer panel. You just have to pick the light collections/world and name your layer to find them in the Render Layers node.

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New builds of E-Cycles 2.90 are up!

  • Denoising quality when using the slow pass mode was improved.
  • all the latest improvements from upstream are in as usual

Happy rendering!


builds on gumroad say 06 14 2020 and not today’s date. Mathieu can you update the downloads?

Updates are at the bottoms of the downloads today.

Indeed, due to a bug in Gumroad’s UI, new builds are ordered automatically and you will find them at the bottom of the page.

Hey guys, does anybody know what is the fastest way of baking Ambient Occlusion in E-Cycles RTX 2.83?

I have bake option only in CUDA and CPU mode, and I only managed to bake it with CPU.

E-Cycles standard is the best version for Baking using CUDA. It should bake faster and is more memory-efficient. As a general rule, CUDA-only features are best used with E-Cycles standard :slight_smile:


Made with E-Cycles this week

Awesome nebulaes animations by Tim Barton

@Luan3dr creates really nice archviz

@johannes.wilde did a really cool work in progress serie on his ‘Koerfer House’ project

EANIIX did some cool mix of real and rendered footage:


On this build on GumRoad ,“E_cycles_2.83.2beta_v20200628_win_rtx” it says that libfftw3-3.dll is not found.

ChristianVFX you might get a quicker response if you contact mathieu thru your gumroad email. Search e-cycles in email and write him there. I have yet to try it on my computer but will try it shortly. I am using windows 7.


I have the same error message. ChristianVFX did mathieu help you out.

Yeah he updated it on GumRoad :slight_smile:

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Thanks CristianVFX,

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Any news on the preprocessing phase cache? For archviz animations this could be a game changer and frankly I mostly bought ecycles hoping this feature would be integrated at some point like it was in 2.79


It’s in the high priority list. The promise of the 2.8x depsgraph was to integrate or at least make it easier to implement this functinnality. I didn’t want to work on something the BF said was planned, which would have made the work been done twice. As it looks like it will indeed take a very long time to come, I put it back to the top. I’m finishing the doc for 2.83 and adding some new tutorials. After a break which I still didn’t take, I’ll be back to it :slight_smile:


E-Cycles is participating to the funding month with the Blender Market. 10% of all sales made in July will go to the Blender Foundation Development Fund.

E-Cycles 2.83.2 release candidates and new E-Cycles 2.90 build are available:

  • new button to setup the full light group passes in one click. It takes the according collection names. You just have to setup your lights in collection and hit the button to have all the passes available in the compositor. If you update your scene later, you can sync all layers with a single click :slight_smile:
  • Denoising quality with the slow mode was further improved
  • The Shadow Terminator patch from @skw was backported to have both stability and functionnality (it’s available in the object properties)
  • A lot of smaller improvements and tweeks to polish the user experience were integrated
  • as usual, you also get all the upstream improvements :slight_smile:

Happy blending!


Hi, I really got an update mail from Gumroad, my goodness!
Very nice addition of Light Groups, a long awaited feature, and short but clear video tutorial.

Cheers, mib

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