E-Cycles - 2x faster, 100% compatible with Cycles

@Infograph ask in the Cycles developer thread about E-Cycles, I try to give some information.
I don´t know how @bliblubli get the performance code wise but he use some AO tricks, different Cuda kernels and latest OIDN version 1.2, for example. Cycles use 1.0.
He use patches from different developers include them in E-Cycles long time before it lands in officially Blender release (if ever). Adaptive Sampling from Stefan Werner was created April 2019 but need one Year to land in Cycles.
Important for me is a easy to use render UI with presets, all in on place and so forth.
Same for denoising, one click and you get different node setups for OIDN.
Last features was Clay/AO render kernel which are really really fast for preview render and light groups where you get group from collections with lights and/or world environment again with one click.You can change lightning without rerender.
There is much more but I don´t like block of text and this is more as I am usually post.

Cheers, mib
EDIT: OIDN library was updated today to 1.2 and will land in Blender 2.90.


Sidenote: AO tricks are only by the speed-oriented presets use those, so it’s a user choice to use it.

You can get E-Cycles with 33% off now on the Blender Market with the coupon code summer.


What is the E-Cycles Nebulae Edition? it says it is tailored specifically towards Nebulae Rendering, but what does that mean? Can I only render literal Nebula with it or is that some sort of rendering method?

Hi. I have a question. Is the add-on renewal charged after purchasing E-Cycles?
Not a permanent update?

is there any chance we will see branched path tracing on RTX in foreseeable future?

Hi and no, you get updates for one Year, I am not sure if it is calendar Year or 12 Month at moment.

Cheers, mib

I see. I understand.

But in that case, if I don’t buy it again one year later, will I not receive the renewal of E-Cycles?
Is there any update discount when I buy it again?

No, you have to use the latest version you get.
I pay 45€ for my last update, standard version (no Optix).

Cheers, mib

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45 €?
There are four E-Cycles in the Blender Market that are on Summer Sail right now, but none are priced at €45 (About $50).

$149 E-Cycles 2020
$299 E-Cycles RTX 2020
$999 E-Cycles Studio
$39 E-Cycles Nebulae edition

I was thinking of buying the E-Cycles RTX 2020 for the future, but is it also a one-year renewal?

This was the update price from 2019 to 2020 from E-Cycles 2019.
No idea how much is the next update for me or for RTX 2020 user, we need to wait until @bliblubli steps by.

Cheers, mib


I see, after all, the annual paid updates after purchase were offered at a comparatively low price.
I’m relieved to hear that.
I’ve been looking for this kind of information, but I couldn’t find it, so…

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I bought it as soon as possible because it is a summer sale.
I still use GTX1080 as an impression, but 2.5 times rendering becomes faster and I can use GTX1080 as an impression. I did.

It’s fun to have that slow Blender rendering go faster for another dimension! :laughing:

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2.5 is the minimum. :slight_smile:
Keep in mind you can also upgrade from E-Cycles 2020 to E-Cycles 2020 RTX if you need it.
And again, no idea what upgrade costs.


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Where is option Viewport denoising?

Render Properties → Sampling → Denoising → Viewport

It would be nice to have this feature in Quick Settings and support On/Off shortcut.


Thanks @Hyesung. I will check.

EDIT: I’ve found an option. Thanks.


Hey guys!
Can I use E-Cycles to bake stuff using CPU? Does it make CPU baking faster or its only for GPU scene rendering? Does it recognize OSL shaders and Blender bevel shader/node?

Hi Mathieu,

Is the 06072020 the last updated version? for 2,90


Since all available builds are listed under the Download page (at least on blendermarket), it’s very easy to check it by yourself.
I can see that E_cycles_2.90_v20200706 is the latest one.

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