E-Cycles - 2x faster, 100% compatible with Cycles

Point Density works only with Cpu with E_cycles_2.90_v20200729_win ( Nvidia Gtx 1070Ti )

With blender 2.91 Alpha Win i can use CPU or Gpu or Combined Cpu & Gpu

Basic example :

Is it possible to use true displacement as in Cycles experimental mode? If so, how?

How can I set .blend files to use E-Cycles build by default on Windows 10?

I tried going to .blend properties and changing the Open With app to E-Cycles build blender.exe but this isn’t working.

Solved. I just replaced the main 2.83 distro with the E-Cycles build in Program Files and that fixed it.

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I often use the animation feature which renders only in console without ui. When using multiple instances for render it’s often hard to tell to which blend the console window belongs to. Is it possible to write the blend files name into the header?

Cheers Dave

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the nebulae edition is indeed only meant for nebulaes as it’s highly optimized for this use case with techniques which only work for that purpose. It allows to currently reach over 30x speed-up with same or better quality. It’s also an example of what targeted optimizations can bring for studios wanting to get the best render speed for their animations. If you need a general purpose render engine, E-Cycles standard or RTX is the right choice.

E-Cycles works forever. The support period including updates is per calendar year on the Blender Market or per trimester on Gumroad.
If you take the calender year version, renewal of support is at 50% off, which is less than $7 per month for standard and $12.5 per month (paid per year) for E-Cycles RTX.

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The current plan from the Blender Foundation (as far as I know) and several GSoC projects is rather to bring the BPT main functionality (sample all lights) to regular path tracing and merge both into one. It will include OptiX support of course. As to when it will be available, you can try to ask Brecht.

The out-of-the-box speed-up is only for CUDA and OptiX. E-Cycles AI-Denoiser can speed-up CPU rendering because it requires 4 to 10x less samples, but it’s only for F12 rendering for now.
You can use E-Cycles with OSL through @LazyDodo add-on brick tricks by converting your OSL script to a Cycles node group. You can check if your OSL script are fully supported by it. If yes, then you are good to go :slight_smile:
Bevel and AO nodes are supported by E-Cycles standard.

New builds are available now based on 2.83.4 and 2.90 beta :slight_smile: (since 2 weeks now actually, I recommend to allow email updates in your privacy settings to be sure to get all news, including special offers, etc.).

Hi Benny,
thanks for the report. I can’t reproduce your issue. Can you send me a mail or contact me on the Blender Market with:

  • your configuration
  • a blend file to reproduce
  • the exact E-Cycles version you used
    I’ll have a look to it asap.

Yes, it is, but it is working 100% like in Cycles. You just have to use it like in Cycles.
I’m working on a new method which resolves the memory usage and huge export time issues of the official version.


I like the Idea, I’ll have a look to it asap and report :slight_smile:

New builds of E-Cycles 2.83.4 and 2.90 beta are available for Windows and Linux with all the latest improvements of upstream and a new add-on added for free:

  • New feature: E-Cycles 2.83 and 2.90 now include a Light Group add-on to adjust your lightning with full samples quality in post in some seconds. It creates the UI and node tree for you with a single click. You just have to move some sliders to get the perfect setup. A huge time saver when the clients changes his mind regularly. The tutorial is now available on Youtube with subtitles!

E-Cycles is on sale until tomorrow on the Blender Market.

Happy rendering!


Made with E-Cycles recently:


New E-Cycles 2.83 and 2.90 builds are available.

New Feature:

  • you can now adjust the tint of your lights with E-Cycles Light Groups add-on

Happy rendering!


@bliblubli hi. Why after writing your settings (that in red box) Blender cannot found available Gpus for pathtracing on user pref and also cannot use Gpu for LuxCoreRender too:

BUT If remove this settings from regedit it works fine. So that settings are so important for me?

thanks for the report. It’s the first time I hear about that. The most important one is TDRDelay. The other one only help some people for whom the TDRDelay setting is not enough. So if you have issues using all settings, I would recommend to remove all but TDRDelay and restart.
The issue may also be due to a driver or OS update. What are your driver and OS versions?

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New builds of E-Cycles 2.90 are up:

  • The UI for the Light Groups panel strength and tint was streamlined
  • Fixed: Optix was unavailable on some distros in the last 2.90 version
  • Fixed: some translations could be activated but had no effect on Linux
  • Includes all the latest improvements and fixes from upstream

Happy rendering!


@patoaltaco made a very nice archviz this week using E-Cycles :slight_smile:


Windows 10 Pro x64
Core2Quad Q6600 @2.4ghz
3Gb Ddr2 800mhz
Gtx 1060 6gb Gddr5 192bit

But as you saw ny post on LuxCoreRender forum in Win7 x64 with v442.19 driver it worked fine, BUT on Win10 Pro x64 and with up v441.58 and above version if that your settings write up than it will disappear GPU (CUDA) options from any GPU renderer. Dont know if it from Win10 bug or Blender or Nvidia driver. Strange…