E-Cycles - 3.1 release available, offering Mac M1 and Metal support, MNEE caustics and more!

Is Metal rendering accelerated noticeably using E-Cycles, or is it relatively marginal gains like with CPU?


E-Cycles X speed-up now is based on the facts that you will need 2x to 8x less samples for the same results. As cutting samples by an X factor gives about the same X time speed-up, you can now render 2x to 4x faster on all devices: OptiX, CUDA, CPU, HIP and Metal. OptiX still has the possibility of an 8x factor thanks to animation denoising.

The old NVidia-only speed-up of E-Cycles was merged into official Blender and everyone can benefit of it for free. I still have some slight changes that were not included during merge giving about 10-20% boost on NVidia hardware, that’s what the $1 version of E-Cycles offers with multi-pass denoising on top. If Metal shows that it can get those 10 to 20%, I’ll do a $1 version for Mac too maybe.

Even before the move to the new system, most users said they would have bought E-Cycles for light collections alone and light linking is also very successful. The extra features save a lot of manual time where you need lot’s of layers, photoshop, fighting with the poor mask system, etc. with vanilla Blender. Slot duplication, render overlay, etc. E-Cycles makes professionals life much easier :slight_smile:


Yes, indeed it does make professional life much, much easier! Thanks again for everything you do M!

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You’re welcome!

E-Cycles 3.1 is officially available for PC and Mac!

Tired of clicking, waiting for your render to finish and having to switch apps? Spend more time creating with light collections for ultra fast lightning setup, render slot duplication and render overlay for the fastest iterations workflow, portal creator for automated and optimal low noise setup, state of the art denoising for gorgeous renders in seconds and more! All of this with access to all of the latest improvements of Blender 3.1, including latest geometry nodes and more!

You can watch the full feature tour here.

“Aquarium” by Paweł Pęcherzewski:

Focus on your art and get access to the full professional feature set now.

Happy rendering!



Hi Mathieu
I hope you are well :slight_smile:

I Have a Scatter5 user here that have an issue specifically with e-cycles, it seems that the line with bpy.data.libraries.load(blend_path, link=link) as (data_from, data_to): is causing an OSError situation, it is failing to locate the blend_path, even tho the path do exist on the user computer.

Any clue why this would happen only on E-cycles 3.0 build?


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Tested the mnee caustics build, refractive caustics works pretty well, but reflective caustics only blurred reflections, is the current mnee caustics does not yet support the reflective caustics of metal? and future does mnee support reflective caustics?

What version has light linking I can’t seem to find it in minr.

Hi, I’d like to know why the RTX version is $300.

Hey Matthieu I recently sent you a private message for a purchase I made on the blender market before the fiasco, please check your inbox, wasn’t sure if you saw my message, I was only 6 months into my 1 year sub on blender market, and I haven’t had any access to any of the later builds since 3.1 and nothing for 2022. Please reply to my DM Thanks.

Is Matthieu still supporting this thread by any chance???

Mailed Mathieu yesterday and got a quick response as usual!

Hallo Peter,

yes, I'm fine, thank you. I plan to release a new 3.2 version later this week.

Kind regards,



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Awesome will do I didn’t know his email, will proceed in the future with email, I just thought he was more active here.

Mathieu seems to be on an extended break of some kind, so if one of you dudes could answer the following, that would rock indeed.

I have an animated displacement waterfall that is the only thing moving in my scene, and I am not seeing motion blur in my test renders. Is it possible to get motion blur on animated displacements in E-Cycles? If so, please tell me how! Octane was able to do this, even years ago, when I still used it.

Hi norka, Mathieu is back, he released some updates today!

Great! Maybe he or someone else can answer my question. :stuck_out_tongue: