E-Cycles 7 - 1.5x to 3x faster than Cycles X

Hello everyone,

A new version of E-Cycles called E-Cycles 7 and focused on performance is in the work and providing significant improvements:

1xx is this scene from @winterman:

iMeshh Grand Room is from iMeshh and can be seen here.

Many of you asked if a version of E-Cycles based on Cycles X is available or planned.
As soon as E-Cycles 7 is polished enough, I would be happy to have a look.

I’m happy to get artists feedback. If you are interested to get an alpha build, you are welcome to post a reply here with a link to your portfolio. Artists with an existing license of E-Cycles will be prioritized.

Cheers, Mathieu


OMG😱…can’t wait. Keep it up !!!

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Graph with render times:


Ecycles7 for me keeps halving the sample count. Like its trying to cheat.

I personally think the competition and development of Blender would be much more healthy, if we could stay fact oriented. If you think E-Cycles 7 is cheating, please provide a scene showing the issue you mention, over 10k users have it and can fact check your sayings. If your point is only to spread misinformation without anything to backup, then please go play in another thread.


I’m merely reporting what I see when i open files with E-Cycles 7 Alpha. Now knowing me I might have something confused but here are the screenshots for the exact same demo file i can even open them side by side one on each monitor, and from what I can tell E-Cycles is halving the sample count.

I don’t come here to spread miss-information, please don’t make presumptions about my character.

So, what ever came of this?