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yeah sorry i though GI caching was similar to the new vray next adaptive dome light, which optimize hdri GI on interior https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTjPFHNy96U

in this video theres also the nvidia active viewport tdenoiser, i can’t wait to have this kind of features in blender, this could be so useful

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awesome, are you improving it?

Because based on my tests, in it’s current state, in the end scramble distance + dithered sobol is better and faster in general.


Hi Juan,

I’m improving it yes. I think adaptive sampling and scrambling distance + dithered will both have their use cases. The good side of adaptive sampling is that it keeps the lightning as it is in any case. Scrambling distance and dithered sobol offer much lower noise and faster rendering, but have corner cases were they break.
Also, in some cases, the biggest cost factor is human time and longer render time are ok. In this scenario, adaptive sampling ensure to always give the same level of noise whatever you throw at it if you keep the same threshold.

Did you use the adaptive sampling build from the product page for your tests? It already has some of the optimizations I’ll keep for the final release.



Hey, nope, I’m not on e-cycles, I’m in your course but I haven’t been able to go into e-cycles too (I explained it in te private :slight_smile: ) but I tested it in the Theory Studios build, based on my tests the results were those.

Yes, I also agree that both should co-exist, but it was a surprise that the speed improvement was not that much over Cycles without adaptive sampling, I remember when Corona got adaptive sampling the speed improvement was considerably big, while in this case it’s not helping much.


Got strange mapping in ai denoise node setup, looks like env and emit are switched (using last lin build available) Maybe i messed up with something while using automatic setup.

I have few thoughts about E-Cycles and now I’d like to share especially those who are unsure about E-Cycles.

Past week I asked Mathieu to include a patch into E-Cycles. He promised to do it after he is finished with the May update. I didn’t have to ask, a PM was waiting today and he wrote it’s already included. And it’s working. He was and he is very supportive all the time. And this was true even when I was not a potential buyer. So I do not regret the purchase of the perpetual license at all. Keep going this way!


Hi Stephen,
the AI denoiser is the same as in the April update. Also the merging of the passes should work whatever the order is. Does the output look correct?

New E-Cycles builds available for Windows and new libs for Linux. Attila Afra from Intel just updated the OIDN builds, saving 38% memory compared to last version and some bug fixes. I did a quick test with the 2080Ti from NVidia. It looks promising even for animation :slight_smile:

Render time went from 55 min using master to 8min per frame using E-Cycles and OIDN.


By the way, my Tax expert did some research. E-Cycles and the course to make your own Blender should soon be available on the Blendermarket too.


Uh no 8 minute, OIDN allows to lower the sample a lot compared to the master denoiser and the animation is still stable and textures are sharp. I can give you the settings if you want to reproduce, I always give the true render times. And it’s on a single 2080Ti. I also used the persistent data option to cut down the pre-processing time.
At 24 min per frame for 92 frames, it would have taken 36,8 hours. OIDN 0.9 was released 23 hours ago and I added it to E-Cycles this afternoon. So I would need a time machine :smiley:

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sorry then; i did consider this result as too good to be true, because in general i have +50% improvements with my 2080tis , but with tweaking the setting indeed its logical.

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What is Sampling Seed for A.I. Denoised for animation, Static or Dynamic?

Is persistent data avaliable for 2.8?

I used static seed.
Persistent data will come to 2.8x when the code is stable enough, so around the 2.80 final release date I guess.


I really like renders made by @EntityDesigner with E-Cycles:

you can see more of them in his thread: My E-Cycles renders


Does monthly works for the period by the name of the month or ~ 30 days?

30 days, so you can join any time in peace :slight_smile:

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waiting for e-cycles from latest bull where eevee and cycles share the same light control / information :slight_smile:

I can see such message on the Add-ons panel, while I didn’t install any of them:

You can delete the older version in the addons folder. I’ll upload a new version soon with this fixed.