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I upped it to 120. Still getting errors. The name is correct. I use the setting for Substance Painter. System is fine memory is fine. This is my studio’s Main Render Station and it renders for days without issue. More likely it is an issue with Cycles and the Nvidia Creator Ready Driver. But it is definitely throwing Cuda errors on large renders.

Maybe reverting back drivers could help. I use a driver from march, gamer version. It is as fast as creator version and stable. I just tested a Barcelona pavilion render at 400%, so 5K, and it renders normally. I minimized the window to get the best performance as usual with 2.8.

put some gif like that on the blender market thumbnail, it is the kind of things that make people click on it

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That’s great! Yes please link my vids, I’m working on some more. Such a great job you’ve done. Q: I noticed the key constraints of XYZ are not active in your 2.79 builds (ex: duplicate object then hit the X key to constrain it’s movement on the X axis). If I replace the “bpy” folder in Modules with a master version the constraints work but of course the Ui is messed up as expected, if that helps to locate it.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I just tested the xyz constraint on 2.79 v20190516 on Windows and it works for me. Maybe an addon or a custom keymap? Blender itself is 100% like the master version in E-Cycles.

Here is a recent vid with a head to head comparison of E-Cycles speed to Octane/Blenders…with a lil Persistant Data thrown in, which by the way is something very helpful.


like that ?


Twice as fast as Octane is something I’m really happy to hear :slight_smile:

I guess you could even get some boost by minimizing the window while rendering. With 3 GPUs and at this speed, the overhead of updating the window start to impact performance. Some user report 10% faster rendering with minimized window.

I could add the persistent data option to the quick settings panel. It’s good to see such live stream to optimize the user experience :slight_smile:


For those who want to take the course, also half price until tomorrow, students of Blendermarket start to post reviews: https://blendermarket.com/products/make-your-own-blender/ratings.


That’s Nice !

Why do you want the ”b" version?

Files are compatible between 2.79b and 2.79 daily builds, but the daily builds have a ton of bugs fixed.


Hi Burnin,
I had 2 people wanting a 2.79b build and after some tweaks to 2.79x E-Cycles, they fully switched to it. As @Bone-Studio said, the latest 2.79 has a lot of new features and bug fixes.

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Whole pipeline stuff, being dependent on py3.5. Planing on whole HW/SW upgrade only after 2.8x officially proves stable and as time allows. Most likely at the end of the year.
So don’t mind me, i knew it was a long shot Thanks for caring. :slight_smile: Later then…

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Hello @bliblubli,
the course seems great.
Having a background as amateur python coder, I was wondering if, after studying all the course, I would be also able, for example, to code tools for accessing and modifying UV data of a mesh or creating new noise textures nodes or a procedural terrain.
Well, those are situations I’m facing at the moment with Python, but I wondered if it could be done faster and in different way.
Thank you.

Hello @thinkinmonkey ,

the course shows how to start coding in other areas than the one covered directly. @Lumpengnom also had a coding background and got nice results with particles (although it’s also not covered in the course directly) pretty fast see here and here.

The principles and techniques I use to start learning to code a new modifier or start modifying UVs or textures is about the same. Off course it depends also a lot on your own motivation, the course gives you a quick start and some methods, so one thing is sure, if you are motivated, you may reach your goal faster with the course.

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It seems I have no access to the topics you linked, but it’s ok.
Just bought the course, I will see.
Anyway, thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge.

Hi. We use cycles lots for baking.
Do combined bake and single passes cycles baking benefit from your optimisations in , too?
The average bake output is 4k and 8k per material in scene. So it runs depending on the scene up to 2 weeks for final 8k bakes.

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oops, sorry, here it is for everyone.

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Could you provide me with a file to test? I didn’t use bakes seriously for years now. The denoiser works on it for sure, if you provide a file, I’ll do a bench and compare to latest buildbots.

Thanks you, I’ll try the minimizing the window trick, but I haven’t even begun to fine tune E-Cycles yet…lol If it is this fast “out of the box” then it will be blistering once I get a better grasp of the settings. Also if I can’t see my rendering on-screen paranoia sets in:wink:
More vids coming like E-Cycles performance with Vector Displacement, this for me is very important since Octane doesn’t offer that feature, at least not in 2.79 with Oct v4.