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Hi @Thesonofhendrix,
thanks for the tests. There was a 2x slowdown in this build of E-Cycles due to a bug. New builds should be much faster. If the slowdown persists in your file, you are welcome to make a report on the Blender Market (“ask a question” button in the right panel).

Thanks to the thorough testing. I can’t reproduce the issue with the node not connected on my hand using the default startup file. For denoising, I recommend to use the standard E-Cycles builds, it offers much better results. E-Cycles 7 only has OIDN 1.4 while E-Cycles 3.0 and 2.93 have OIDN 1.4 and the E-Cycles AI-Denoiser, which allows for about 10x less samples.

E-Cycles got it’s 7 alpha released 7 days ago and is now the 7th most sold add-on with a :heart: and 5 stars rating!

Thank you!
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Happy rendering!

Rendered with E-Cycles this week:

Robot Tiger Figure by Michael Weisheim Beresin

@bliblubli can you please explain the option “compatibility mode” before 2.93 it was old transparency. Is this the same things?

Can someone confirm that E-Cycles 7 doesn’t support displacement yet?
I’m running E-Cycles_7_alpha_20210609a_win_rtx(Optix)

Can anyone confirm that E-Cycles is still faster than Cycles-X and K-Cycles? I see the charts, but just don’t know. I hear from some they didn’t really see any speed up. Other say K-Cycles is faster and K-Cycles is going to be upgraded with Cycles X so it will remain faster. I’m also interested to know if E-Cycles works with displacement, hair, and if it crashes a lot. A while ago I had e-cycles, but it would crash if trying to render a lot of hair.

Hi @zigzack001 ,
basically, it’s for user who don’t have time for the short tutorials and want a quick start in E-Cycles. If you watch the tutorials in your dowloads (those are the most actual ones) and/or Youtube, it’s better to leave that off to get maximum image quality and render speed. If you want more details, this option is explained in depth in the 2.93 feature overview video also available in your downloads :slight_smile:


E-Cycles 7 supports displacement, if you found a file where it’s broken, you are welcome to make a report with a .blend file :slight_smile:

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If anyone finds a single production file where Cycles-X or K-Cycles is faster than E-Cycles RTX on NVidia GPUs (with optimal settings for both engines and comparable quality output of course), they can submit a file and win a free year of E-Cycles Pro+RTX!
If they find a single production file where any render engine available on Blender is faster than E-Cycles 7 on NVidia GPUs (with optimal settings for both engines and comparable quality output of course), they can provide a file and win life time free updates for E-Cycles Pro + RTX!


Hi, @bliblubli

I haven’t used E-Cycles (2020) for a while and I have now all my latest settings in standard Blender version. I noticed one new ”feature” that I’d like to clarify.

  • New compatibility mode to have the same defaults as Blender, while E-Cycles now defaults to high quality and performance settings

Does that mean that I can automatically migrate my current settings, shortcuts and addons from standard release version of Blender 2.92 to E-Cycles 2.93 if I purchase current latest version? I wouldn’t like to manually keep matching settings with standard and e-cycles versions. I need to use standard Blender version as well to test scenes before sending to artists without E-Cycles.

I think I know what happened. Something is off when opening a project created with vanilla blender or cycles-x.
Here’s how the node tree looks like. Instead of a displacement map, there’s a bump map, and the weird thing is that bump and normal are both connected to the same slot!