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By the way, has anyone noticed that the Shadow Catcher isn’t working in the RTX version? is this a current limitation? Will it be fixed?


I have this 2 issues with E-cycles 2019.

  1. Separate HSV node in shader nodes gives black output.
  2. Render with a transparent background using denoiser adds ugly outline.

The outline can be removed as you see on the screenshot. It is an easy but clumsy solution, since I need to do it for every scene and each time after regenerating AI nodes.

The simplified blend file is here.

The material with Separate HSV node is called “gear_side_faces”.
OS Linux Mint 19.2, nv driver 418.67, CUDA 10.1.168, GPU 1080TI
Am I missing something or will there be a fix for this 2 issues?

black output and the outline, gear on the right with corrected merge node

adding Set Alpha node in the merge node to get rid of the outline

render in blender 2.80

My E-Cycles brothers and sisters, B-Renderon https://blendermarket.com/products/b-renderon is mentioned a couple times above, but after using it for weeks now, I must give it yet another shout-out and implore anyone here who renders a bunch (either animations or high-res stills, especially in a commercial environment) to get B-Renderon if you have not done so already. It partners beautifully with E-Cycles, it will make your life a hell of a lot easier, and it is a measly $8. It will make you, E-Cycles, and your workstation like a well-oiled and more powerful rendering machine. Aside from E-C of course, I can say without hesitation, that it is the best Blender-related purchase I have made. And I own QuadRemesher, HardOps, BoxCutter, UVPackMaster, LayerPainter, BezierMeshShaper, EZLattice, SketchStyle… It is a steal at eight bucks. Do check it out.


Hi all,
not sure if this behaviour is expected(Blender 2.81), or has already been discussed (couldnt find anything):
When using AI Denoise with transmission, the transmission passes seem to break the cryptomatte pass.

Simple scene:
Turn on cryptomatte and transmission passes.
In compositor, Cryptomatte-Node’s ‘Pickup’ output works.

Now, create AI-Denoise with Transmission turned on.
In compositor, Cryptomatte-Node’s ‘Pickup’ output is black.

Thanks for some info!

Sorry as I didn’t follow much this thread lately…lots of other work and testing of other renderers (o;

As I understood from a reply the RTX2020 version is on sale for Euro 149 'til end of this October and valid until end of 2020? At least this is what I understood from the 2020 name in it (o;

Well I still haven’t decided which way to go honestly…Octane or E-Cycles (o;

Has anyone done any performance comparison between E_Cycles and Octane?

Interesting to note is the fact that Octane BLender always requires you to download the cuDNN library…
I assume it is used mainly for their AI denoising…

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As a seven year user of Octane, my suggestion is to get E-Cycles now, and if down the road you find that there is something that Octane has, that Cycles/E-Cycles doesn’t, that you simply must have, then get Octane… Entrance fee for Octane and being able to use more than 2 GPUs will run you something like $699 to be a licensed Enterprise Octane user. I have only used Octane a couple times in the last six months to make tweaks to and re-render old Octane LightWave jobs. Yes it has out-of-core rendering and can instance like a mofo on the GPU, and displacements are second-to-none, and there are a buttload of fancy bells & whistles that I almost never need in ordinary day-to-day work, so I hardly miss Octane, at all. And also be aware that using Octane requires all materials to be set up with Octane’s material nodes… So forget about using many addons that use PrBSDF mats (like Graswald for example)… Get E-C Richard. You will not be sorry. And get B-Renderon (best render queue manager ever! and only $8!) while you are at it, for banging out renders like a champ.

Edit: And here is another heads-up Richard; releases of Octane are often painfully slow bro. You may find that you would be using a build of Blender that is many months old before you get the next one. Mathieu on the other hand is firing off new builds pretty much weekly, with all the latest Blender goodies. You will never, ever, get that with Octane…


Sounds like a plan (o;

Well the subscription is currently payed by my employer…and there is still no RT core support in Octane…though they’re talking about it to be implemented soon…

Yes…downside is the vast amount of plugins and materials missing…like the new UMSS material plugin…
got it only half-working so far with Octane Blender with some python code changes…

Time to pile up my paypal account 'til end of October then…

Hmm…does the 2020 in the product title mean it is accessible throughout 2020 or just normally 12 months after purchase?

Hmm…just installed Linux E_Cycles 20191010 version…

When previewing a render it is stuck at sample 1/32 and keeps rendering first sample forever…not with all blend files though…

Final render is fine…

Thanks for the comparison.

I noticed that you changed tile settings between blender Optix and E-Cycles RTX. Can you add another render results:

  • e-cycels at 256 tiles
  • Blender Optix with auto tiles

As you knwo tiles do have good impact at render speeds, as such it would be good to compare at similar settings.

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Thank you for your advice.

  1. Yes. I set E-Cycles to Auto tiles because it is the default setting, (This looks like Tiles size 256 in 20191010 version.)
  2. and OtpiX set the Tile size to 256 because that was the fastest value when I tested.

But with your advice, I’ll apply it to the new benchmarks next time If a significant improvement release comes out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Richard,
can you provide a file per mail please with the bug that stick at 1 sample? Please generally do bug reports per mail. Here it is easily overviewed and it’s hard to keep track with several parallel discussion about different subjects.

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thanks for the report. The AI denoiser addon now only create the node tree through Python. Any bug happening in the compositor after the tree was created is a bug in Blender itself most probably as I only modify the path tracing and modifier code now. 2.81 is in bugfix mode, so it’s a good time to make a ticket on developer.blender.org to get it working properly hopefully in the upcoming stable release.


The bug with HSV is fixed since more than 2 months now. I just double checked and it works in latest build. For the line in the composited image, like I said, E-cycles only creates the node tree and is 100% like blender for the compositor code. So it’s most probably a bug in Blender. As you are using an old version, I recommend to first update to the latest version, it may already have been fixed.


Thanks a lot for your very detailed test. I indeed added a lot of optimisations in the new RTX build. More are being worked on :slight_smile:


I’m happy to hear E-Cycles RTX is so fast in your current scene. Depending on the geometric complexity, RTX can indeed bring a lot.
Several user confirm E-Cycles RTX works very well with multi-GPU rendering :slight_smile:

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This is awesome to hear! Saving for another 2080 Ti these days, hopefully will get it at the end of month. RTX build is rock and roll, can’t imagine with two cards… Cheers!!


I am using E_cycles_2.81_v20191010 I downloaded from Blendermarket, but the Separate HSV node still gives black output. I dont understand it. Any idea?

The outline is regular result of compositing when you want a transparent background, but you do not include alpha information. There is no bug. If someone want clean render with AI denoiser and transparent background, alpha info needs to be add(I did it with Set Alpha node…). It would be nice to have it in compositing when creating or regenerating AI denoiser tree when transparency is checked.

Here is E-Cycles RTX benchmark of Blender Demos. For those who want to know.

Try a comparison with the old Blender Demos benchmark
It’s very interesting.


Isn’t that what this is?


Why yes it is. I had know idea they already set it up. I wonder how efficient it is and if it also works while using RTX features.