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I downloaded E-Cycles_7_alpha_20210603_win_rtx(Optix) and tested it with my GTX 1080Ti card. Optix denoiser does not work for viewport.

But Optix Denoiser works in E-Cycles_3.0_2021.1_alpha_20210602_win(CUDA)

Should this be this way?

EDIT: Tested this in E-Cycles_3.0_2021.1_alpha_20210602_win(CUDA) and denoiser for viewport is broken for me. No Optix or OIDN working in this veriosn.

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Exactly the same here with 4x1080ti

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@bliblubli what is e cycles 7 and does it have difference from e cycles 3.0 alpha version. And does cycle x implemented in e cycles 3.0 alpha?

Just downloaded E-Cycles_3.0_2021.1_alpha_20210607_win_lite_rtx And the latest Cycles 3.0 Alpha.

Ran a test render. E-cycles lost.
Cycles was using 64x64 tiles.
E-cycles default settings but same file.

E-cycles 1 minute flat
Cycles 58.9 seconds
Caveat is cycles version of OIDN sucks in comparison to the apparent version in E-cycles.

System Spec GTX1070 + Ryzen 1700X.

If the latest version of OIDN really is this much better then its going to be another revolution in denoising. I think i will try the test at half the current samples see how the denoisers do.

Now for just 32 spp and without plugging in the albedo node as it seems introduce more artifacts.
1.3 OIDN is beginning to fall apart.

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The devs, are working on getting OIDN 1.4 operational for the vanilla edition of Cycles (note that this initial commit does not include the actual library upgrade).


I don’t know what’s going on. I downloaded the latest Driver from Nvidia 466.63

Now my Ecycles 2.92 Crashes in the viewport and the 3.0 Alpha does not even load in the viewport it just crashes. I am using a 1080Ti in Win10 environment. What am I missing. All the Ecycles from 2.92, 2.93, 3.0 all crash when trying to load the viewport renderer. Can someone offer some help.

Edit Just got 2.93 to work but the 2.92 and the 3.0 are still crashing.

This is the error I get on 2.92

I’ll try to find out with the 3.0

EDIT 2: This is what I have found. I am using a 1080Ti and a 970GTX, when they are both enabled in the prefs, it seems there is an issue. At the moment these are my options.


If I enable the 970 in tandem with the 1080 I get a loading kernels error. Is this normal? I

Ok Mat I just found out that the April version of 3.0 works but the version " E-Cycles_3.0_2021.1_alpha_20210607_win(CUDA)" is creating the crashing once I load the viewport in cycles mode.

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For E-Cycles_3.0_2021.1_alpha_20210607_win_lite_rtx , in the viewport if i select openimage denoise color+albedo it works it appears stable… The moment i switch to just color for the denoise, it crashes to desktop… dont know if thats of any help but it appears that instability is probably to do with viewport denoising.

ive been having a number of cuda errors on renders and thigns like entire tiles not rendering… it seems pretty buggy.
Bestto wait for the final cycles X stable release I think.

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These are the settings are what is causing the crashing

is there a setting you recommend I change on a GTX?

Dont use Optix denoise it cant hold a candle to OIDN 1.4
I would try disable the viewport denoise all together and see how stable it is.

Nope still crashing, I turned off all the denoisers and it just crashes when I hit the viewport render.

Here is a video showing what is happening, keep in mind, this is after a driver update and a restart of the machine, no addons added or enabled, and loaded factory settings. The April version works great but this version is just not working.

@bliblubli What is the compatibility in new E cycles ?

Ok So Mat fixed the crash issues for 3.0 and E7, @bliblubli, the compositor is set incorrectly unless I am missing something when I activate Ai denoise and go to the compositor it seems there is a disconnect happening in the nodes, shouldn’t it be when you activate the Ai denoise it automatically connects everything?


I saw there’s a big discount going on, but on the blender market the price is still 299 for the rtx version… how does it work? Is there a code?

try 777

As Mathieu stated in a mail

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Hello everyone! E-Cycles got it’s 7 alpha released 7 days ago and is now the 7th most sold add-on with a hearth and 5 stars rating!

You can fire that with the coupon code 777 to get 77.7% off the version of your choice on the Blender Market! The offer will last 7 days!

Happy rendering!


I was probably still asleep while I read the email :smiley:

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Hi @Thesonofhendrix,
thank you for the report! I’ll have a look at that file asap. In the mean time, please ensure it fits on your GPU. NVidia only allows good performance with system memory on Quadro and Tesla GPUs.

Hi @dogdayfear and @judrake,
thank you for the report, it is fixed in the latest builds. E-Cycles 7 however focuses on speed for now qnd only has basics Blender denoising with a simple upgrade to OIDN 1.4. E-Cycles Pro 2.93 and 3.0 have the full E-Cycles AI-Denoiser feature set and image quality.

Hi @zigzack001,
E-Cycles 7 is the name of an E-Cycles branch focused on pure render speed. E-Cycles 3.0 on the other hand has a lot of professional features like Light groups and state of the art denoising techniques. E-Cycles 7 will be merged into E-Cycles when it’s stable enough. I have a development branch of E-Cycles on top of Cycles X, but performance is better based on E-Cycles 7 for now and E-Cycles 7 supports volumes on top.