E-Cycles - Faster rendering for CUDA GPUs and better AI denoising

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Thank you for all your hard work dude. You’re teaching me everything that I need to know in the easiest way possible way to understand over in your Blender course and it is really fun. The Cycles speedup stuff is awesome and pretty damn cool that you taught us to do it ourselves. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to code for spit but after watching the first weeks course I was building my own Blender in a few minutes. Now anytime I get an idea, I can quickly go code it and run a build.

It is awesome and amazing to see your own code in the Blender ui then have it actually work. That is a great feeling.

You’ve done an amazing thing here so just keep your cool when someone asks a question… it is just a question and nothing more. :slight_smile:

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Work faster - Create your own Blender with new modifers and faster rendering
Work faster - Create your own Blender with new modifers and faster rendering
Work faster - Create your own Blender with new modifers and faster rendering
(DDB) #224

I also don’t understand why Blender devs would refuse to integrate such a speed up… I mean c’mon what’s the possible reason ? You don’t spit on 50 to 400% speed ups…

(I really want to try it out with my 2080ti but I’ll wait for RT cores enables for cycles to show up before making any decision about E-Cycles)

Also why they never found a way to make better incorporation of plugin inside of blender instead of creating each time a own build… this feels astonishingly wrong… ? No ?


(mathieu) #225

The speedup E-Cycles brings is certainly as much as what the RT cores would bring and it helps everyone, even with old generations. Is 10€ that much when you buy an RTX 2080Ti at 1200€ ?

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(DDB) #226

For Sure. i will give it a try just for benchmarking!
is a E-cycles + RT-cores possible ?

Also just by curiosity : what would be your reaction if suddenly the devs want to integrate your speed up in the current build ?


(mathieu) #227

E-Cycles + RT is possible indeed.
For the integration, it’s the long term goal anyway. For the “suddenly”, I’ll see if it happens.

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(mathieu) #228

The new weekly build is up. Performance should be a bit better with denoising.

You still have a week to get 12% off. People buying now will benefit from the reduction for the following months too, even for a full year and will benefit from the upcoming feature update next week :slight_smile:


(yfile) #229

Will there be a version for Mac?

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(mathieu) #230

2 users asked for it until now, so the chance are growing slowly, but I would have to buy a mac for that, so I need a minimum of 4 people for a full year to get at least 0$ if I take the cheapest imac available. Do you use CUDA on Mac?


(yfile) #231

Unfortunately I recently sold Mac Mini for about $100. We could make a deal :slight_smile:
Yes I use CUDA on Mac (still on High Sierra - damn you Apple!).


(mathieu) #232

Oh, that’s sad indeed :smiley: Will try to find one for this price, but it’s hard.


(Stefan Werner) #233

If you want to use CUDA on macOS, you’ll have to use old hardware anyway. Typically, Macs can’t run with older versions of macOS, so any new Mac you buy today will run only macOS Mojave, for which there are no CUDA drivers.


(mathieu) #234

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


(mathieu) #235

I’m finalizing the feature update for February. Less noise and even faster render are coming :slight_smile: Still 5 days to get 2.8x (monthly or annual) and 2.7x at the reduced price.


(Eric Klein) #236

If your are interest in learning and understanding what E-Cycles is doing too improve performance in Cycles and build your own Blender version of E-Cycles.

Here is my review of bliblubli course see attach link Create your own Blender.


(mathieu) #237

And if you want to both learn the code and have builds support, you take the course and get E-Cycles for half the price, just PM me :slight_smile:


(DDB) #238

so i gave it a try
2080ti in sli comparison before and after e-cycles

2.8 Windows 10
2000 samples 2000x1500px

ORIGINAL CYCLES 64x64 ------> 15min 43sec
E-CYCLES +AUTOTILE ----------->11min 03sec

= 28.6% faster = 1,28x faster

also the render is not exactly the same ? just a different noise seed ?

it feels quite low compare to the massive number that the 1080ti got with e-cycles tho
i still need to do some tests to see if sli is maybe not as fast as it should be, maybe the scaling is bad idk

+30% is amazing dont get me wrong but i was hoping for a good +50% with this card like the other did :cry:

i will try the evermotion scene tomorrow, same samples ? same resolutions ? If someone is interested in comparing perf i can share my scène in PM


(mathieu) #239

thanks for the comparison. SLI should be disabled for good performance in cycles. First try with a single card to compare E-Cycles and Cycles to ensure SLI or anything else is not triggering a slowdown.
The noise is indeed most of the time lower (at least at the same level), it’s another benefit of E-Cycles and it will be even lower at same spp count in the next version.
If you send me the file per PM, I can have a look to it :slight_smile:


(midan) #240

If you have more than one graphic card, dont join them in Sli because it is slower than rendering with them apart from each other. it is known for long time now


(DDB) #241

GREEN RESTAURANT BENCHES if you want it i can share the file in PM (win10 on 2.8 only)



Cycles 1x 2080ti (64x64) ------------------------------> 30.48 min
E-Cycl 1x 2080ti (Auto-tiles)--------------------------> 19.30 min = 1.57x Faster than master

Cycles 1x 1080ti (64x64) ------------------------------> 40.03 min
Cycles 1x 1080ti vs 1x 2080ti > = 2080ti is 1,3x Faster
E-Cycl 1x 1080ti (Auto-tiles)--------------------------> 25.34 min = 1.57x Faster than master
E-Cycl 1080ti vs 2080ti > = 1080ti in E-cycle is 1,2x Faster than a 2080ti in master

Cycles 2x 2080ti (64x64) SLI ENABLED ------------> 15.43 min
Cycles Scaling compared to a Solo card > = 1.97x Faster

E-Cycl 2x 2080ti (64x64) SLI ENABLED ------------> 11.03 min = 1.39x Faster
E-Cyc Scaling compared to a Solo card > = 1.74x Faster

this mean that i could got to 9.82 if the scaling was the same with two cards
:angel: please ?


Cycles 2x 2080ti (64x64) SLI DISABLED ---------> 15.30 = 1.5% faster
E-Cycl 2x 2080ti (64x64) SLI DISABLED ----------> 11.00 = 0.3% faster

as you can see, with the rtx series sli disabled or not the changes are not representative
Not with the RTX series, they use a new NV-link and this rules don’t apply with thoses cards visibly
https://www.chaosgroup.com/blog/profiling-the-nvidia-rtx-cards https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/NVLink-on-NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-2080-2080-Ti-in-Windows-10-1253/
this new Nvlink connector can also share vram, so if the devs optimize the set up i could have up to 22Gb of vram…


E-cycl 2x 2080ti + WINDOWS MINIMIZED = 10.15 = 1.07x Faster than an active windows
so yes


i got 10.37 with a command line render, still faster
also the VRAM went from 4500Mo to 3200Mo so the UI take 1.3Go of VRAM


(mathieu) #242

Thanks for the scene and the tests. I’ll have a look asap. Can you also try to render from command line. Your config is very fast, so a lot of thing like the UI can become an overhead that reduce the visible improvement. To render from the command line:
c:\path\to\blender.exe -b c:\path\file.blend -f 1
Or simply minimize the window when rendering.

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