E-Cycles - like a new GPU, 2.7x and 2.80 final available

what are those tile squares of noise in both renders?

I’m interested :slight_smile: still

i’m viewing on my laptop so maybe i’m missing them but which squares do you mean?

I also see a normal render, maybe an automated scaling gives the squares on your screen?

oh my bad! seems like Opera makes some odd scaling when viewing jpegs… :thinking:

The documentation has been updated to include the improvements of the April update. Your feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

i have only one gtx 750ti and when i hit render it freezes my pc. :confused:

Hi, add more information, please. OS, wich E-Cycles version, driver and so forth.
Check if it work with latest buildbot > https://builder.blender.org/download/
Is working fine on my GTX 760 single or with CPU and GPU.
Does the default scene render?

Cheers, mib

Hi, I don´t have Use Scrambling Distance check box in performance > viewport.
Not in Linux version nor Windows.
Linux is 0411, Windows is 0412.

Cheers, mib

Hmmm, I’ll check that asap.

as @mib2berlin said and also have a look to the updated pdf I posted yesterday, it has answers to the most frequent questions and also some tips to make your render even faster.


Windows 10 1809version
Nvidia Driver 419.35

Yeah, default scene render.


  1. update to latest build, maybe your bug is already fixed
  2. Windows 10 has an aggressive Driver Timeout Reset (TDR), which can cause crashes. The doc explains how to fix it.

Render time comparison between E-cycles and Cycles with a exterior scene.
I used a GTX 1060 6GB.

This is the config used for both renderers.

Cycles take 17:00.48 minutes.

E-Cycles take 8:25.16 minutes.

they aren’t have differences in the look and E-Cycles rendering 50% more faster :slight_smile:


E Cycles 3min 46s (47% faster)

Regular Cycles 7min 15z


Hi, I subscribed for 2.8 on windows. Do I need to subscribe again if I want linux version?

You can have Linux too. If you send me your gumroad email per PM so that I can find your account, I’ll send you the Linux version.

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I’ll have to take a break soon for 2 weeks because of some muscle problems. So to compensate, there is a beta for windows with adaptive sampling. Dithered sobol is temporarily removed as it conflicts with the new sampler. You have to select progressive multi jitter in sampling panel -> advanced and tick adaptive denoising. 0 for both values = automatic, it should give good results as is, but of course you can play with manual values. Thanks to @skw for his awesome patch.

You are all welcome to bring feedback and test files to help. I’ll try to correct all the issues reported before taking a pause away from keyboard.

The build also has a beta fix for the animation denoising, which makes it around 40% faster with multi-gpu setups. Still use the stable build for production of course.


No way, I call this compensating, so thank you for that! But first and foremost, I wish you well and good health!

Can I ask is adaptive sampling working in the render preview? And it is in the 2.79 version too? Thanks.

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It’s only for 2.8 yet, it’s kind of big patch. For viewport, it may be tricky as it require passes. But as soon as my arm play well again, I port it to 2.79x.

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